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Rule Question: 1
Chaos Lord's Terrifying : "Choose 2 ennemy units. Each chosen unit is routed (if it was already routed it is destroyed)"

Question : May I have to choose standing units in priority, or am I able to choose some routed one ?

1) You may choose any units (standing OR routed) with the Chaos Lords ability.

Rule Question: 2

Bowman's Concentrated Fire : "Deal 1 damage. Your opponent must assign this to a unit with more than 1 health (if able)"


Question : Does my opponent have to choose a unit with more than 1 health, even it's a routed one, or not ?

2) You opponent must always choose an standing unit if able. If all of his units are routed, then he would be able to choose a routed unit.

Rule Question: 3

Dwarven Fire Bombs Reward ca rd : "Deal 3 damages, then test this hero's agility : Red symbol -> Deal this hero 1 damage"

Question : I have a hero with 3 agility. I drew 3 cards, if anyone of them is a red symbol, my hero take 1 damage ? I assume i get to pick the single best symbol.
3) As with all TESTS, you get to choose the best symbol when using Fire Bombs.

Rule Question: 4

Staff of Light & Ice Storm Reward cards : Do they work during battle, or only before or after ?

4) Staff of Light and Ice Storm MAY be used during battle, as long as you are the current player.



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Cool.  I just submitted an update to BGG yesterday (awaiting approval), but I'll add these to the next version.

 #4 was one I had asked, as well, so it's in the new one that will hopefully be posted soon.



Incidentally, the #4 one also reminds me that I did get an answer about Rally Cry being used mid-battle to stand up units that were routed before the battle.  The answer was basically "You can stand the units up, but you cannot add them to the battle (and thus they don't fight or add strenght), and they will still be killed if the defender loses the battle".  IE, it's probably not a good idea to use Rally Cry like that.

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