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On 12/10/2017 at 0:05 AM, sozin said:

It isn’t hard to do. It is a loose violation of the xws specification, which clearly states that passing points around is a no no (this is to prevent fragility and promote resilience). Whatever, it is just a guideline. The practical implication is that everyone has to calculate out silly things like Vaksai title (which sadly is not just a database lookup, it has to be calculated on the fly, same goes for the Tie Advanced title).

EDIT: Here's a practical example of this: there's currently a bug in voidstate involving it putting things into the xws payload that aren't listed on the web page.  For example

http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/753478/dashnym with xws payload


The xws payload lists the squad as 100 points, but if you total it up its actually 108 points. We noticed this bug because both listjuggler and r2-d7 reported the squads as 108 points (despite the xws payload listing it as 100). If listjuggler or r2-d7 had relied on the xws source for the point totals, as opposed to calculating it themselves, the bug could have lied dormant.


Fair!  I was trying to think of anything had a variable points cost and couldn't immediately think of one, but Vaksai and /X1 would be trickier.

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