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Character Discussion: Wissenchaft Agent

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 Wissenchaft Agent

Faction: Netural
Type: Prowler

Attack: 4
Damage: 3
Defense: 9
Armor: 0
Life Points: 10
Resistance: 8
Speed: 8/12
Action: 4
Recovery: 2
Level: 20+

A Wissenchaft Agent can possess any combination of the following options, as long as the added levels do not take their total level above 40. Any option cannot be chosen more than once.

10 - The Agent recovers one more Action per turn.
5 - Targets get - 2 Armor against the Agent's Attack (both Normal and Special)
5 - The Agent gets the Innate Ability Ranged Attack, Distance (16 inch).
5 - The agent gets Advance Deployment and Open Movement
5 - The agent gets +1 Attack and +1 Defense
5 - The Agent gets +4 Life points
5 - The Agent's Speed is Increased to 12/16
5 - The Agent gets the following Ability:
1 Action, Combined Assault (Ki, Attack): This Attack may only be used immediatly after resolving a Successful Charge.

Agent: Wissenchaft Agents are not Unique Characters and you may include 1 for every 150 levels in a Wissenchaft party. For example a Party of 300 levels could include up to Two Wissenchaft Agents.

Innate Ability: The Agent may have two Advantage Cards attached to them.

3 Actions, Chain of Blows (Ki, Attack): The Agent makes two consecutive attacks against the same target.


Okay so id figure since probably starting players dont have the book or all the figures and are wonder "may be I want to play this game, but what are the stats of each figure?"

Well one thing id like to point out is that all the agents only cannot choose an ability more than once. To top it off depending on the style of play you want to take during a Gamma Game (300lv) you can be more strategical or aggressive.

simple were talking about a cheap efficient mini beat stick, Sure this is no Kronen, Grivier, etc.. but lets look at what this girl can do that will fill a "missing" spot for your crew.

First, it can use 2 advantage cards, Most advantage cards are cheap 5 levels, Not to mention you already start with 30 advantage points to waste anyways.

so for now we are working with just the Agent.

First we have "Piercing Weapons" simple weapon that will give the defending enemy's armor a -2. But the Agent can use 2 of them. Thats a Potential -4 to any armor.

Griever becomes a -1 or 0 armor against this girl. Since combat is comparing Attack to Defense and Grivier is a 9 you already have to jump over hoops (Roll atleast a 5 to connect) you want to maximize the damage you will be dealing to Griever (This is only an Example, characters are different and its what makes agents really interesting)

Since different characters have different Defense / Armor you can easily use another Advantage card.

So for now 1 "Piercing Weapons" seems solid enough.
Then the next one that you can add is a Combined Combat. (especially if you run a Wissenchaft team, since you can potentially use 2 agents)

okay so Combined Combat is really good when you have 2 agents in a all Wissenchaft team. Why? well its a potential +2/+2 per unit. when attacking the same person.

Feel like beating up on just 1 guy? well lets see how fat we can make an agent

spend 5 to give each agent a +1/+1 Then have each of them Hold 2 Combined Combat (their not unique) so this will give each of them +2/+2 when attack the same target.

So here goes Griever (lol i know were picking on him too much) he has two girls right infront of him and both of them are now 7 / 6 a piece. him being at 9 / 3 is no problem now. Why because you have to roll a 2 in order to connect. and once you connect you will be dealing 3 damage. so Take 6 big man, now hes a 14. but thats not all Chain of Blows against Griever and crap can hit the fan hard. Take another 6 big boy and we have a 8... but this is with the Agent being a 25 level +1/+1

Lets really rampt things up against Griever... Agents are now 40 points they have +1/+1, -2 Armor, speed 12/16, and 4 life (youll need this to live through a attack back)

So now we have a Griver with a 1 armor Damage will now become 5 per each girl, so Take 20 Griver... Of Course if he manages to dodge / Counterattack youll be a bit or trouble but hey they are just agents.

they cost you a Total of 50 points and in a 300 point game youll be able to put in a few other Wissenchaft characters so lets build a small quick team

80 points for Agents, 55 HGM-03 Grimorium (keep him at base 55), 50 FGM-02 Goethia, 65 Legacy of Solomon, 45 Rayne with.
now for the Advantage points, we will add more Combined Combat
so 6 Combined Combats, 2 on Rayne, 2 on each Agent.

Use your Rayne and Agents to pile on a Character (Saint Council, Kronen, Grimorium, etc..) then Rush to the next character. Let Grimorium, Goethia and Solomon bait out other characters.

So now for the discussion, What do you think is a optimal way of Using this agent? any combos you guys have come up with?

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So im checking out the official boards and you might have to hook up the Agent with only 1 Combined Combat and 1 PIercing Weapons, so you would potential have a -4 armor 6/5 character. Which isnt bad cause a anything with 4 or less will take a crap ton of damage.

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Generally I take this loadup for agents, in this order, based on remaining points

Innate Range

Extra Recharge

Increased Movement/Open Moment Advanced Deployment (depending on how much terrain is in use)

Overall, I've found them exceptionally useful, if nothing else, simply running out a fairly expendable unit to seek is very useful. Simple wait until after a hidden character has moved, run the agent over and seek, they are prowlers for the +1 to find, very nice.


A simple Double Sniper, Goethia, Agent team in the 200 point games played locally has served me well.

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