Dunwich Investigators

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Well I got through the core campaign with Roland. On Easy mode I might add (I'm looking to progress fairly quickly to get up to date for the new releases!) Really fun, very enjoyable. Had to amp up his ability to take horror, and maximise his damage output and that seemed to work.

Onto Dunwich next. I am keen to hear of any investigators you found fun to play through this campaign (including the 6 Mythos Packs). So many choices!

Not necessarily the optimum choice, but any you found playable and fun (or conversely and that aren't so fun) would help inform the decision. 

Poor Roland is gibbering in a corner - he needs a long holiday ;-) 

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I used Daisy and she is a monster with the right cards. Hoovered the clues up left and right. You do need a good combat companion to offset, although she was responsible for taking out a surprising number of big monsters with "I've got a plan!". 

My friend played Jenny as support.


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On 8/16/2017 at 2:11 PM, monorico said:

If you are doing Solo, Ashcan Pete is really good. Because he can do everything... well duke can do everything.

Pete is vulnerable to several scenarios though. Duke can easily be removed, even permanently which would cripple Pete.

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