Harpoon Missile Question

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14 minutes ago, Verlaine said:

I mean that if you have to choose between harpoons and concussions, then harpoons give you the ability to use the reroll because you still have the TL

Agreed. But if it's just reroll versus change without extra modification, then the two are effectively the same on average.

14 minutes ago, Verlaine said:

the ability to change one blank is less necessary; 75% chance that the blank won't be another blank.

If you have target lock and focus, yes. But that's still a 75% chance of rerolling that blank into a hit, crit or focus, instead of an automatic 'convert' - neither is garuanteed success (you could, after all, roll 2 blanks, or 3 blanks if you have guidance chips) but the odds are proportionately lower.


 Predator: same story (assuming only one blank in the first place).

True. But that's the point; predator+homing/cruise/harpoon missiles is a bit of a waste, a lot of the time since you can't reroll a reroll. With concussions, if you reroll a blank into another blank, you can swear under your breath and then modify it anyway.

14 minutes ago, Verlaine said:

I think that the odds you'd rather have CM's when you chose harpoons are rather small.

Agreed; I'm not trying to be difficult. Harpoon missiles are, broadly speaking, a better choice for most situations - it's just that they are not out-and-out objectively superior in every situation, which I'm glad of.

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