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4 hours ago, awayputurwpn said:

Wow, that +20 XP went fast! ;)

Well I debated between a lot of options including skills and talents. I could have gotten Imbue Item instead, but it feels a little weird as it feels like a very conscious Force power. Mental Tools, on the other hand, fits with someone who uses the Force to make tools work that really shouldn't, but isn't aware of their own Force-sensitivity. Skills would also work, but I like the idea of the guy relying more on natural talent. 

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1 hour ago, Alphabonnie101/TheHeroking said:

Also, at what times will we do it?

In a PbP, you just log in and interact with the game when it suits your schedule. We had a combat encounter over a period of a few days, and are now seeking to escape the place where we were held. 

PbPs are slow moving, but a great way to practice your RP and get some more play-experience under your belt!

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@Alphabonnie101/TheHeroking, if you're interest in PBP, it may be worth your time to check out Gamers Plane too.

- Large FFG SWRPG community (I think there's 10 games going at the moment).

- In-forum character sheets (no going to a second site for every character update).

- In-post SW dice roller (no going to a third site to roll, copy, paste, and so-on).

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