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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about The Inquisitor's Handbook (Questions 31-40)

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31. Is Scatheros also a Fane/Forge of Gunmetal? It's the model name of the Blackhammer shotgun and it's listed in the Core Rulebooks "Guns of Gunmetal" section, and there's a variant of the Stormchild called the Scatheros-16 "Blackheart" so it seems like a naming convention along with model designation.
———— > If it’s not specifically named as such then technically no, but if no other identification is given then it certainly could be if the GM wants it to be so.
32. The Slayer Pump Shotgun mentions that there's a variant that is resistant to warping in the extreme conditions of Hive Tarsus, how would this be reflected mechanically (the warping, not resisting it)?
————— > You could apply a higher jam possibility, due to the warped barrels. Maybe another 5%. 
33. Since Cinder Crag Forge is mentioned explicitly as a forge was it intended for Gunmetal City?
————— > See #31 :)
34. Can the drive nailer really not be fired on Single fire?
———— > Yep! One trigger pull and a burst fires out. I’d allow a Hard Tech-Use check to add a single-shot mode though. 
35. Where on or in Ambulon is it hot enough to require a Volcanis Shroud?
———— > Engine rooms, plasma vents, you name it. It’s 40k—there are always really unpleasant places no matter where you go. 
36. The weight for the Mantle Shrine is listed as "1-kg" seems like a typo of some sort, so what is the weight?
———— > Agree. I’d say no more than around 10 if you can carry it around. 
37. Any relation between Cassilda, the heretic illuminator that created the Heretic's Wake Deck, and Cassilda Cognos?
————— > Not intentionally, but that could be an interesting thing to unravel...
38. Night Dust apparently last for 41d0 hours when ingested through alcohol, I'm assuming 4d10?
———— > Yep!
39. The Pale Pits are part of the "Services" offered in the Hive world section, but they have no entry on the price table. They mention there's a variety of prices, but is there a minimum? For the sake of tables?
————— > Probably 5 thrones would be a standard low wager that wouldn’t get you laughed at. But GM can change that as desired depending on the pit. 
40. Is the Sollex Energy Blade's destructive quality even more powerful than a normal Power Field, can it destroy any melee weapon it parries?
———— > Nope, no other rules to indicate that so I’d say no. GM and players could create a Best Craftsmanship version perhaps though that could be more destructive though. 

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