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PS 10 Alpha (ft. Horton, Wes and Airen)

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I saw few topics here about Rebel alpha strike squads and I liked ideas enough to make my version for upcoming SC:

Horton Salm (25)

Veteran Instincts (1), R2-D6 (1), Plasma Torpedoes (3), TLT (6), Vectored Thrusters (2)

Wes Janson (29)

Veteran Instincts (1), R3-A2 (2), Proton Torpedoes (4), Guidance Chips (0)

Airen Cracken (19)

Veteran Instincts (1), Homing Missiles (5), Guidance Chips (0)

Total: 99

In theory, Wes fires firsts, does some damage and strips focus/evade to soften the target or TL to protect his buddies from ordnance shots/TL-based abilities. Airen fires next and gives Horton focus. Horton then fires with possible two rerolls and focus. Of course this is ideal scenario, but still I should be able to fire most of my ordnance in the first exchange. 

VTs on Horton help him to keep enemies in range of his TLT, as I do not think I will be able/allowed to fire torps second time with EM. Also, I did not pick Cruise Missiles because of the speed requirement. I fear that it will make Airen easier to predict and more difficult for me to keep the squad near him to benefit from his ability.  Honestly, I'm more sure on using HM than picking VTs, as I've never used Y-Wing in a squad before.

What do you think, could this possibly work? Is there something that can be changed to improve the list? Thanks in advance.


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It can work, the real fear being higher PS alpha (PS11 Imperials) or some dud ordnance shots.  I've run something similar, Airen/Wedge/Nym, and it usually does what you'd expect, which is either nuke a ship first round our set it up to nuked the following round.  After that, it can get really crazy.

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