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Using a recon remote.

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Hey everyone, in my game one of my players has a recon remote from Dangerous Covenants.  He's wanting to find an animal related to the current story in a swamp/jungle environment and has it go out the 20km to search for said beasty.

How would you handle this? 

So far I just had him use his perception score, throw in a black or two if he's not directly controlling it.

But now that I actually think on it,I'm definitely sure I am using it wrong.

Do recon remotes stream a holovid stream of what it sees and records, or is it more of list of sensor readings? Which should then maybe be a computers check.


As for the actual attributes used, perhaps use a mix of the templates in Special Modification of made droids.

1) should this be based off the players stats or the remotes stats?

2) Should computers be used if directly being controlled by the player, if it streams data and not a video?


What do you all think?

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If he's just turning something on and interpreting the data being streamed to him Perception is fine, or if it's a specific critter, Survival, or Xenology.  This goes for ship's sensors as well.  You always are just interpreting the data you are getting.  Computers come into play when you are trying to get through interference, jamming, etc. to even obtain any data.  The specific skill for analyzing the data can then be used.  Multiple PCs can use multiple skills to look at the same information and draw different conclusions and pull different info I think.

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