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Limit Per Turn vs Max Per Turn

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If you have two copies of a card that has an ability that has "Limit twice per conflict", how many times can you activate that ability?

Does the "per card title" restriction that is found in the "Max Per" section of the rules apply to it, or does it not because it is "Limit Per" and the "Limit Per" section does not specify it is per card title?

Relevant rules sections as well as card text.



Action, Action Ability

An action ability is a triggered card ability that contains the boldface “Action:” precursor. An action ability may be triggered by its controller during any action window (see “Appendix I: Timing and Gameplay” on page 18).

◊ Unless otherwise noted by the ability, each action ability may be initiated only once each round.

◊ An action that has been initiated must be resolved before the next action can be initiated.

Related: Ability, Triggered Ability


Limit X per [period]

This phrase specifies the number of times a triggered ability can be used during the designated period. This replaces the general restriction of using a triggered ability once per game round.

◊ Each copy of an ability with a specified limit may be used the specified number of times during the specified period.

◊ If a card leaves play and re-enters play during the same period, it is considered a new instance of the card and there is no memory of having used the ability during the specified period. (This rule also applies to any ability with no specified limit.)

◊ All limits are player specific.

◊ If the effects of an ability with a limit are canceled, the use of the ability is still counted against the limit.

Related: Max X per [period]


Max X per [period]

This phrase imposes a maximum number of times that an ability may be initiated from all copies (by title) of cards bearing the ability (including itself), during the designated period. Initiating an ability on a card counts toward the maximum for all copies of that card.

◊ Each maximum is player specific.

◊ If the effects of a card or ability with a maximum are canceled, the use of the card or ability is still counted against the maximum.

Related: Limit X per [period]


Wandering Ronin

Action: During a conflict, remove 1 fate from this character – it gets +2 and +2 until the end of the conflict. (Limit twice per conflict.)


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