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Hornet Squadron Radio Episode 10 - Interview with Paul Heaver

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Hornet Nation!  Join us as we travel through the rabbit hole of FAQ's and flights and eventually end up with a great interview with Paul Heaver! Again, thanks for listening.  Enjoy!


Intro - 0:37

News - 1:39

Flight Deck - 23:18

Interview with Paul Heaver - 52:18

Outro - 1:29:21



Music Credits:

Twin Ion Sunset

The Gap Band - You dropped a bomb on me

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Nice interview. Some highlights:

  • The Whisper/Fat Han meta was worse.
  • Sometimes he wonders why some ships even roll dice when they always get max results with so much action economy.
  • He thinks FFG has long term plans for X-wing and powercreep isn't intentional.
  • Choose which of the rival's ships you don't want to be around in the endgame, and focus it down. Choose which of your ships you'd like to have in the endgame and keep it alive.
  • Have a plan, stick to it.
  • Ruthlessness TIE/D Vessery should be great against Fair Ship Rebels.
  • Bombs are fine.
  • Stop complaining.
  • If the game is not fun for you, stop playing for some time before you burn out.
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