[MAFIA] The Bowels of Coruscant

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Deep in the remote suburbs of Coruscant, the denizens of the gutters and ‘safe’ houses crawl out of their beds to discover that the day that just began is out of the ordinary. Indeed, they know this, for there is a body out in the street. One? That is too few! They do a quick search of the area, hoping to find signs of a struggle, something to confirm that this was just a casual mugging victim, but there is nothing. Some of the more astute among the denizens loot the body. In so doing they discover its identity. It’s a rather plain off-world ID of nobody in particular, and they soon forget the name. However, that is itself odd. Why would some foreigner be wandering around their neighborhood? And why was he killed?
Raging gang wars, casual mugging, and the occasional bar fight constitute what everybody has agreed to call normal behavior. Why is a foreigner dead and no sign of struggle? Slowly the denizens gather together in the center of their public ‘square’ and look each other over. Who among them has deviated from the norm? Who has quietly killed a stranger instead of mugging them and shooting them outright?
Clearly, some of the beings standing around are not what they appear. And treasonous sneak attacks that leave only one victim, instead of a gang of dead mobsters, is most unwelcome. It may upset the balance. The denizens must root out these deviants, before they continue killing people quietly.


Welcome to the latest mafia game! My apologies for the weird Intro Bit. I shall proceed to steal shamelessly from Biggs:

No editing your posts.
No talking Out Of Thread unless you are able to do so.
Don't quote (or pretend to quote) Moderator PMs.
Don't spectator-post or like.
Don't post after hammers or daykills.
Don't post after dying.
Don't fake day actions.


Rules shall be enforced with a general warning the first time they are broken, then a modkill. Unless the breach is serious (quoting a PM, for example) in which case modkill comes instantly.

What's this game like?

I'm looking for as many players as I can get.  Each "Day" will last 96 hours (4 days!), and each "Night" will last 24 (or until all night actions are in, whichever comes first). Each day you will need to find and vote to kill the threats to the TOWN.  You can do this by typing "##Vote PlayerName".  You only get one vote, so if you vote again it changes your vote to another player.  You can also "##vote no one" and skip your lynch for the day if the majority agrees.  
After the day ends, or the "hammer" falls (a majority votes on a target) it becomes Night.  While most people turn in for the night the SCUM become active and cause mayhem.  Fortunately some of you may be better equipped for this than the average being and have your own strengths that come into play at nightfall.

Also, this game isn't quite balanced - the more players I get, the more role-madnessy and the less balanced it is.

A NOTE: Flavor in texts, should they be included, are NOT relevant to the game. Mass claiming to root out scum through discrepancies in flavor wording is pointless and will lead you nowhere.

What If I am not Playing?

You should play.  But if you really insist on not playing, then don't post in the threat. PM me if you want a link to the observer chat.

How do I win?

Read your role PM, it will tell you what you need to do to achieve victory!




1) @TheToad
2) @Visovics
3) @Truthiness
4) @Madaghmire (right?)
5) @Norell
6) @PodRacer
7) @BrobaFett
8) @CaribbeanNinja
9) @JJs Juggernaut
10) @WigTii
11) @Rocmistro

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1 minute ago, Rocmistro said:

I'm in, though I have no clue what I'm doing.

It's OK, neither did I at the start. Send me a PM if you don't understand anything, and I'll do my best to explain it without compromising the game. Or ask BiggsIRL or Ginkapo for guidance. They are both experienced players and very helpful.

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