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Seems like a good time to start this thread.  Post a link to your community, as well as the physical location.  This will let new players find your group if need be.

If your group doesn't have a online link, post the local game store you meet at!

What if your area doesn't have a group?  Go ahead and start one!  This stuff benefits from having some form of organization!


The wonderful player known as Cielago is organizing this information on reddit and is currently volunteering to periodically dredge this for information:




Also, feel free to add yourself to the Playgroup Map:


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There is no community yet, but I'm gonna name drop this store in Sherman Oaks - Paper Hero's Games

People are already showing interest to play there weekly. It's a cool place with cool people, and the owners are very friendly, encouraging local game groups.


Keep an eye out for people starting to play there soon.


I'll push to have it organized myself if it doesn't start shaping after GenCon. I'll have cards by then and would be happy to sit and play and show people the game

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Is anyone else on this forum from the Auburn/Opelaika area of Alabama? I'll be moving back to Auburn next week, and I was going to stop by Game Time Hobbies to ask them if any customers have expressed interest in the game so far (since I already go there alot to play X-Wing). Unless there's already a group somewhere else? I'm also frequently in Birmingham, AL, if there's any interested players there.

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On ‎8‎/‎4‎/‎2017 at 10:46 PM, Sabukan said:

I Know is not out yet but im looking for a soon to be L5R group in Connecticut.

Most likely stores to support L5R in the area are The Tabletop Shop (Newington), The Portal (Manchester) and Gamer's Gambit (Danbury) based on past LCG experience.  I haven't contacted any of them to see if they preordered the launch kit yet.

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Colorado L5R group on Facebook covers the entire state. There's basically 4 groups: Northern Colorado, North Denver, South Denver, and Colorado Springs.

South Denver will play at Collectormania in Parker. I know this definitively.

Here's a list of stores that have hosted L5R in the past. These might be good places to dig for more info:

Northern Colorado: Grand Slam (Loveland), The Nerd Store (Greeley)

North Denver: The Wizard's Chest (Cherry Creek)

Colorado Springs: The Yellow King

Any questions, hit me up here or on Facebook. Let's make Colorado L5r great again!

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