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rule question : hotaru / toturi in defense

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Hi everyone !


no rule forum yet so trying here :


Rulebook seems to indicate that hotaru / toturi let the attacker choose et resolve rings when they win in defense.


Let's see :


When you win a conflict whereas in attack or defense, you resolve the effect


What is exactly a ring effect :



In each effect, the attacking player chooses something and the evil twins are not worded like display of power :


what do you guys think of that ? do the evil twins need an errata ? do they do not simply work in defense ? Anybody is finding that my analysis is wrong by another point in the rulebook ?


Edit : image link seems not working, i'm trying again


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I understand your reasoning and they might need to change the wording on the rulebook but the cards will work as advertised. 


In order for the attacker to choose something he has to win the conflict. If he has lost the conflict there is no choice he can make. Hotaru and her far less impressive old friend will resolve the rings ability as soon as you claim it. The rulebook is worded like that as to not create confusion because normally only the attacking player will get to resolve ring effects for winning conflicts. The wording on Hotaru/Toturi is not the same with Borderlands Fortification & Display of Power, probably because they need to work on offense too, where they cause a double activation and they wanted to save space and avoid convoluted wording.

They work on defense for sure though, in one of the first FFGlive shows that talked about one of the two clans, the developers talked about this and also from the Crane reveal article "Doji Hotaru's ability can also be used after you win a political conflict as the defender, not only denying your opponent an opportunity to use a ring effect, but getting to use that ability for yourself."

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