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Maneuvers and Actions order

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I have been searching for the forum for a similar topic, but I haven't  been able to found one, so sorry in advance if this is a topic already discused here.

I always asumed that, in a combat turn, a player have to select first a maneuver and then, an action in that order (first maneuver, then action), but I haven't found in the book that the order must be this.

So, my question is: can a player take first an action and then a maneuver? 

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50 minutes ago, 2P51 said:

You can.  The Maneuvers tend to benefit Actions so one would likely still prefer to do it in that order, but holding a Maneuver(s) for movement post Action is one example that leaps to mind.

Attack then drop into Defensive Stance/Evasive Manoeuvres is another.

You'll still have to deal with the setback die/difficulty upgrade next turn, but that's future you's problem.

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