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Mad Cat

London Masters, 28 Oct 2017

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I see the London Masters event is coming around again.

28 October at Warboar Games, 28/30 The Mall, Bromley, BR1 1TS.




I didn't make it last year but is was quite a turn out I think.

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Thanks for posting. This is at my FLGS, and was a great event last year with a turnout of about 30 people IIRC. At the time the biggest in the UK after the first Armada Nationals. With lots of cool prizes too, including a custom alt art card for participation.

Highly recommend making this event!

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Similarly, I'd recommend this. It's 4 games in a pleasant venue that does table service and Brewdog beer. I really enjoyed playing. Plus, the inclusion of a 'wooden spoon' prize and a random draw prize means that even incompetent admirals such as myself might get some good booty.

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Haha, i was about to start an official thread for London Masters today and seen that Mad Cat beat me to it ^_^
Please feel free to ask any question, which i aim to answer quickly. 

We have just announced this years participation prize, something never seen before in Armada! Check it out on our official Facebook page! 

Last year we had a fantastic 28 players join the fun, which we hopefully beat this year. Note that the event will once more be limited to 32 players max, so get your ticket soon. 

There are already about 15+ tickets gone. 

About the wooden spoon prize, we have managed to secure Deep Cut Studios as a returning sponsor. They provided an amazing prize last year and are set out to ramp it up this year! 

More announcements coming soon! 

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On 21/08/2017 at 6:05 PM, Irishmadcat said:

What time is it likely to finish? Is there anywhere good to stay close by if I fly over for it? 


Here's the estimated time table for the day. 

Last year we managed to wrap 10min ahead of schedule ^^ 


9:30 Registration Opens
10:00 Player briefing

10:15 Start of round 1
12:30 End of round 1

13:00 Start of round 2
15:15 End of round 2

15:45 Start of round 3
18:00 end of round 3

18:30 Start of round 4
20:45 end of round 4

21:00 Awards ceremony


Please note that we deliberatly provide ample time between rounds to allow players to finish their games and to not pressure new players. 


About hotels in Bromley, i'd be happy to do some research and provide recommendation soon. 

I'd also suggest to drop a post on the Facebook event page for the community to provide tips & suggestions. :) 

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Just booked a slot, website had 13 folks per last update, so that makes 14.  Taking that wooden spoon home!

This will be my first gaming event too, so I'm pretty excited to get blown up by someone other than my meta :)


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With more then a month left till the event, we are delighted to announce that London Masters 2017 is officially sold-out!

The team and sponsors like to thank all players very much for their enthusiasm as well as their trust in the event.

Furthermore, we are very excited to announce that our new National Champion Rikki Porter has confirmed his attendance!

Not only does he provide an invaluable challenge for players to best their skills and tactics against, he also kindly agreed to follow the tradition of having a bounty attached to him, following in the footsteps of our 2016 champion Laurence Evanson, who will return to compete in London Masters 2017!

If you did not manage to get a ticket, please contact us for a spot on the reserve list.

Get your fleets ready!

Full event info: 

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