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Noob questions

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Hi everyone. My girlfriend and I just bought this game. Second edition. We are enjoying it but also have a lot of questions. Hopefully someone can answer these for me.

1.) Can both players have the same characters in play? For example, if we both have littlefinger in our hands, can we both have him marshaled?

2.) The plot card "Filthy Accusations": "When revealed: Choose and kneel a character" - Does this mean a character of mine? Or a character of anybody?

3.) do event cards need to be put out during the marshaling phase? or do they come into play during the challenges?


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You've posted in the wrong forum -- this is the HBO version of the game (not the living card game).

The forum for the Second Edition is here: 


Answers --

1) Yes, you may both have the same character in play.

2) It doesn't say "character you control", so it means "any character" -- usually, you would do this to your opponent.

3) Some Event cards specify which Phase they may be played.  If not specified, they may be played in any Phase.


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