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Tracking Down Boba Fett

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Last night, my party made the mistake of tracking down Boba Fett in the mushroom forests of Felucia. One of their allies had been captured by the Bounty Hunter, and they had to intercept him and free the prisoner before Fett could deliver his acquisition. They knew he was a bounty hunter, but they didn't realize who he was until they were already engaged with him. I'm totally fine with my party breaking canon, so he had a legitimate wound threshold and could have been killed.

I set up Fett with an arsenal of weapons. He never used the same attack twice in a row. Quickdraw allowed him to switch from one toy to the next easily. He swooped about on his jetpack, causing as much as mayhem as possible. He carried a carbine, light blaster, a wrist-mounted flamethrower, a wrist-mounted grappling hook (if it hits, it automatically trips, ensnares, or disarms instead of dealing damage), and he could also flying kick using brawl (which would get two boosts if used with the jetpack). He had a missile tube, which he intend to save only for an emergency escape, since his reloads were on his ship.

Through the entire encounter, the party never managed to deal a single point of damage (he had adversary 3, defense 2, and made appropriate use of flight and terrain to avoid lightsaber attacks), but boy did they soundly defeat him.

First, he exchanged fire with his carbine vs the battledroid's built in blaster. He hit, badly wounding one PC. The battledroid missed, but damaged Fett's jetpack (the atmosphere was already causing jetpack problems, so this effectively grounded him for a few minutes - great move!). 

Then, he fired his grappling hook to disarm the lightsaber-wielder (taking a moment to realize that his attackers might be more valuable bounties than his current captive). In the meantime, the PCs tried to slip around behind him to free the captive.

Then, he advanced and unleashed his flamethrower on the PCs, hitting several and badly burning the battledroid, who would remain on fire for much of the encounter. But the scoundrel PC hurled a glop grenade at Fett as he backed off. This was the only successful combat check for the PCs the entire encounter, but it effectively immobilized him for two turns.

The PCs took the opportunity to free the captive. Moment's later, Fett had managed to readjust the settings on his jetpack and he swooped in for a flying smash. But that PC drew her lightsaber and slashed back, destroying the launching mechanism on his missile.

Fett takes up a perch on a mushroom tree and shoots down a fleeing PC with his carbine. Even though he has lost his prey, the party now has one PC down and a second on trapped in a bog. Fett knows they aren't escape today. Plus he'd much rather have two aspiring Jedis to sell than a single rebel privateer.

The PC's then drove a vehicle into the mushroom tree that he was perched on, knocking him into a sinkhole filled with rotting mushrooms and mud. He lost his carbine in the muck, but fired back with his flamethrower. 

Moments later, the PCs had mounted up on their vehicles (a speeder bike, a glider, and an ATV), and were being chased through the jungle by Fett and his faulty jetpack. Though Fett had lost two of his more deadly weapons (missile tube, carbine), he still had a flamethrower, grapple hook, and a blaster pistol. They swooped in and out of the trees. One of the PCs tried to use his whip to catch Fett's ankle and throw him into a tree, but Fett had the same idea, pulling the Duro from the vehicle with his grapple hook. Finally, as Fett was spraying flames down on the glider pilot, he caught the backdraft in his malfunctioning jetpack and spun into a tree. With no way left to pursue the PCs, they were able to escape and flee the planet and the horrid Mandalorian.

It was a truly epic encounter, and it gave them the shear terror of dealing with Boba Fett, knowing that they had gotten the best of him but and not truly defeated him. It was perfect.

TL;DR: The PCs faced Boba Fett. They didn't deal a single point of damage to him despite many tries, but managed to immobilize him twice and destroy his jetpack, missile tube, and carbine, leaving him trapped on a forest planet. Fett deal 50+ wounds over the course of the encounter, including three crits, but found himself outmatched by the PCs creativity and guile.




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These are truly the best scenarios!

A satisfying encounter, fair, but odds most definitely against them, that may have ended in victory but leaves a looming shadow over the players. 


A job well done to everyone at your table for crafting this scene. I love this stuff!

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Excellent, well managed :-)

May I ask you a question, did you use the optionnal rule of a second turn every round for Fett? as he was alone against all your players. And Adversary 3, your players were 3? personnaly I use Adversary equal to my player number for characters like Fett

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He got two turns per round, plus he had a mediocre ally. Two turns per round really helped give him the feeling of lots of attack options. Even after his jetpack was destroyed, two turns meant that he had the ability to be everywhere on the battlefield.

There were three PCs, though they had two NPC allies. Adversary 3 worked fine as it was enough to make hitting him very difficult. More than that and I don't think they would have tried to attack him.

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7 hours ago, Enjeryuu said:

That sounds AMAZING.

Gotta ask though.  Things like knocking out his flying and missile, we're those your calls or the players?  Just curious how other people's games go.

Its always a balance. The missile was just a direct application of sunder. She spent 3 advantage to sunder three times, which took it from undamaged to major damage, making it unusable. 

The jetpack was something that I had introduced by suggesting that repulsorlift engines were not functioning well due to the atmosphere. A PC had the idea to have a missed shot hit his jetpack, which I agree to. The first time, I said it was only minor damaged, but combined with the environmental conditions that were already making it more difficult to use, I said it was too erratic for him to continue to use. A few rounds later it had cooled down (with enough advantage) and he could use it again. The second time, we were nearing the end of the session and I was looking for an exciting end. He had rolled a despair on his own flamethrower attack (the upgrade was due to the jetpack anyways) so we all agreed it was an appropriate, climactic and cinematic end to the session. Usually in the last 10-15 minutes of a session, I'll try to get the players come up with really exciting ways to end the encounter so the encounter doesn't drag out and the session has an exciting end.

Most recently, they were facing a horde of several hundred recently awakened battledroids in a run down CIS facility. As more droids re-activated from their 20 year slumber, the party was beginning to realize that escape was the only option, so they collapsed the building with their aspiring jedi channeling the dark side to protect them. It was incredible, and she was working hard at increasing her morality so it was a serious cost. And it meant the session ended excitingly and on time.

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Here is what I used. This was obviously tailored to my party and the encounter, and it might not be the best way to stat him in general. But it worked perfectly for my purposes. 

You can also see the full two-session arc here. The first few pages are very tied in to my party and plot, so it might not be totally apparent. 


Boba Fett (Nemesis)

Br 4       Ag 6      Int 3         Cun 5           WP 4        Pr 3

Soak 8

Wound Threshold 30

Strain Threshold 17

Defense 2/2


Astrogation 3, Athletics 4, Brawl 3, Coercion 4, Computers 3, Cool 5, Coordination 2, Deception 4, Discipline 4, Gunnery 3, Mechanics 1, Negotiation 3, Outer Rim 3, Perception 4, Piloting 2, Ranged (Light) 2, Ranged (Heavy) 4, Resilience 3, Skulduggery 4, Stealth 4, Streetwise 5, Survival 3, Underworld 5, Vigilance 1


Adversary 3, Barrage (+1 dam with heavy weapons at long/extreme), Confidence 2 (reduce fear by 2), Intense Focus (1 strain and maneuver to upgrade once), Natural Marksman (reroll ranged attack), Natural Outdoorsman (reroll survival/resilience), Nobody’s Fool 3 (upgrade difficulty of all charm, coercion, or deception by 3), Precise Aim (1 strain and one strain to reduce defense 1), Quick Draw, Quick Strike (6392LsiktP81asTHaWBnXkXEWQcHnW-0YhB_KPtxD_WRBqWA5zqRljfNLxk8iZz74Et-3xv8kJEQF4hFfpKVroYwFC2m0nd59SZTknDIH2ixvhtMd8YbeccPyinykK9PKHThJwkF vs unacted), Spare Clip, Steely Nerves (destiny point to ignore Pr/WP crit), True Aim (aim upgrades once - 1/rd), Utility Belt


EE-3 Carbine Ranged (Heavy), Dam 10, Crit 3, [Medium], Stun Setting, Superior, Ignores yf_s42fp5Jb3VafjCL78YqRGgFykdSGjYz_0PfJx_UjLQ8u9K0FATiT7N-I6ZMMu3b1xQ8iX9Uh1lYN3dgx9MW5D0xAgxEJSXGVt3bphE8lFCVAUUwxucavQhZuMWaHaEVi2BaoXyf_s42fp5Jb3VafjCL78YqRGgFykdSGjYz_0PfJx_UjLQ8u9K0FATiT7N-I6ZMMu3b1xQ8iX9Uh1lYN3dgx9MW5D0xAgxEJSXGVt3bphE8lFCVAUUwxucavQhZuMWaHaEVi2BaoX due to environment (with multioptic scope, superior, weapon sling)

Jetpack Missile Gunnery, Dam 15, Crit 2, [Long], Blast 10, Guided 3, Breach 1, Prepare 1,

Wrist-mounted Flamethrower Ranged (Heavy), Dam 8, Crit 2, [Short], Brun 3, Blast 8

Superior Blaster Pistol Ranged (Light), Dam 7, Crit 3, [Medium], Stun Setting, Superior

Unarmed Brawl, Dam 3, Crit 5, [Engaged], Stun Setting, Disorient 1, Knockdown

Wrist Cable Ranged (Light), Dam -, Crit -, Ensnare 3, Disarm


Heavy Battle Armor (Soak 4, M/R Def 2, Superior, Vacuum Sealed, Enhanced Optic Suite, Thermal Shielding, Heating Systems, Built in Electrobinoculars, scanner goggles, comlink), Jet Pack

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