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Annoying Cards

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So whats the most annoying cards of the game for you?

My list:

Crab: Hiruma Ambusher...  OK just ruin all my plans for this conflict f**ker

Dragon: Mirumoto's fury... Send no one to defend and... Surprise!

Crane: Voice of Honor... no comments.. why Crane Clan exist? OK we need their Rice.

Phoenix... Display of Power... Why I choosed Fire Ring? WHY?

Lion... Deathseeker... OK I actually love it, attacking Political on Water mainly.

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Most Annoying card per Clan:

Crane: Voice of Honor – God this card is frustrating haha. Nothing is worse than playing a 2 or 3 cost event like Blackmail or Display of Power, only for it to be canceled for free because your opponent played Way of the Crane on their Savvy Politician this round.

Lion: Kitsu Spiritcaller – Pure unbridled efficiency.

Dragon: Niten Adept – How can a 2 cost character be so annoying? Well, by bowing your clan champion for free, obviously!

Crab: Way of the Crab – This card requires that you ALWAYS have to be aware of your board state. The second Assassination, Ring of Void and Tomonatsu make it so that you are starting the following turn with 1 big character and your Crab opponent is first player with a 2 or less cost character already on board…good night Clan Champion.

Phoenix: Display of Power – You just won the Ring of Fire and you thought you were going to honor your Tsukune. Nope. You’re actually going to dishonor her. Sorry. From an 8/8 to a 0/0. Or, you thought you were drawing a card and I was discarding a card? Nope, other way around. Net 3 Card advantage ring right there. Or you thought you were standing your clan champ? Nope, I’m standing my Clan Champ. This card ruins turns haha.

Unicorn: We don’t know all of their cards yet, but I can already tell that both the Border Rider and the Shinjo Outrider are going to be incredibly irritating to deal with. The former can just ready itself whenever it needs to. Whether that is after a bow effect or just after participating in a conflict, allowing a second conflict. The latter can just move to a conflict. Whenever you need her to. Both are only 2 cost, so very affordable as well.

Scorpion: Again, we don’t know all of their cards yet, but I can already tell that Blackmail is going to suuuuuck to play against, especially when City of Lies is out and events cost 1 less for Scorpion. A 3 cost event that creates a net 4 cost switch in a conflict (you lose a 2 coster, they gain a 2 coster) is efficient and can turn a previously lost attack into a broken province.

Neutral: Court Games – This card has already caused multiple rage quits. If your opponent ever puts their high glory clan champ into a political conflict alone (because we only have so many characters to dedicate to conflicts, after all), this becomes an extraordinarily powerful event that doesn’t even require presence! Enjoy your 0/0 Tsukune :P.

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Most annoying? Time for some (grossly exaggerated) opinions!

Crab: The Mountain Does Not Fall - I strive to generate character advantage a lot in my games, forcing my opponent to react with more than I put forward in order to stop my game plan. This card is the biggest flipping of the bird to that, and every time it's played I die a little inside.

Crane: Voice of Honor - Knowing your opponent has this card and there's nothing you can do at the moment to turn this off is awful. You're forced to either bait it out with a event (which is almost always meaningful in some way), or hold off on your tricks until they eventually don't have more honored guys than you. Good luck in either case.

Dragon: Niten Adept - I run assassination just for the grim satisfaction of removing this card from play. 3 honor well spent.

Lion: Kitsu Spiritcaller - Screw this card, screw this card's family, and screw this card's pet cow. This card effectively morphs into whatever the Lion character needs as an action during any conflict without participating. Having an Honored General, Ikoma Eiji, or Akodo Toturi in your back pocket feels like cheating. I wish Cloud the Mind were more easily run in some clans just to deal with this smug shugenja dropping the dead like Skrillex drops the bass.

Phoenix: Kuroi Mori - You just Banzai'd? Shame if this conflict... took a change of type. You need that ring for tempo? How about I just give you air instead? On the stronghold you need to win by 6 in both conflict types or you aren't accomplishing much of anything and the phoenix live another day. Take both water ring effects, combine them, make them repeatable, and just because we like overkill let's make it an action that can be taken whenever during the conflict so the phoenix don't have to commit to its use unless they need it. Seems fair.


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I haven't really played or seen enough games to comment on this with much authority, but my initial impressions are that the most annoying cards - and this is based on my own personal tastes - are:

#1. Watch Commander (Crab) - I really dislike cards that punish you for playing cards in a game that is centred around...playing cards.

Runner-up: Kisada (Crab) - By far the most annoying Clan Chanpion ability, and I think generally underrated as to just how frustrating it can be to play against

Highly commended: Doji Challenger (Crane) - a 3-cost card that can make a mockery of your opponent's Clan Champion,  (without having to bow or sacrifice itself), and with decent stats to boot in both both Political and Military? Stick Above Question on her and....wow. Can't help but compare every other 3-coster against her, and so far I believe she has yet to be matched.

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