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My solo deck gauntlet

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On 17/09/2017 at 5:22 PM, Seastan said:

Those stats seem reason reasonable to me, if not a little good. I tried at least 5 times with the Vilya deck and never won, but I don't have as much experience with it.

I'm surprised Caldara did so poorly though. Was the siege questing the main problem?

Not surprised ! I am on ratio to 1 win for 4 looses with Caldara on this scenario.

The main issue is multiple attack at beginning and after ressources from siege quest as said by Rouxxxor. But if survive 4 turns and put some token on siege quest, you can win.

My best ratio on this quest (without treasure) is my Flash TE !


Caldara have the best defense against Bolg attack at setup : Elven Jeweler or Emery. you have an action before declaring defender ;)

I use this tip to survive and it help for the ratio ;)



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With caldara you need to put counter on 3 otherwise enemies on shadow cards also return to attack you. If you can do all this (or avoid all the attack on the beginning, who is pretty lucky but also the most realistic way to win) you win.

I haven't think about elen jeweler or Emery to block. I have none of them anyway on that case. I'm not surprised flash TE can make it, it is most powerful that any of this deck under certain circumstances, but I rate it so low because he have also a 0% against too much quest ^^.

I updated the deck list with my new secrecy, and with my actual view of wich is the best deck :).

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On 17/09/2017 at 8:30 PM, Bullroarer Took said:

Are you guys able to beat Belegost solo with any deck?  It's turned into my nemesis.

I have done three games today to see how hard it is. I was crushed with one of my weakest decks, my new secrecy  Tom Cotton / SpiGlorfindel / LoPippin but then I easily win with my best secrecy, mono spirit Galadriel / Glorfindel / Frodo and with Flash Outlands. If you can put a lot in the quest you can jump from one step to another and avoid most of the time the dragon. You only need to find one loot every three turns on the two first steps.

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