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2515 Outer Rim Security Team

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Terrorist run with almost impunity, killing innocents and robbing planets and transport vessels of resources daily. There are few teams that can investigate, track, and capture such evil; this is where the 2515 Security Team comes into play, saving countless lives.

2515 Outer-Rim Prisoner Transport Team carries terrorists to interrogation centers or prisons after the Fleet has captured them in raids and battles. However, sometimes the enemy is cunning and evasive. It's these criminals who must be hunted down by small, highly skilled veterans who know the Rim and all the players in its dark underbelly. If 2515 Prisoner Transport is the Shield for helpless citizens out here in this harsh area of the Galaxy, then the Security Team is its sword. Looking at their ships, you can feel the history; the endless rain and sweltering air or the dry oppressive heat of the dens of evil they must frequent, dark places to extract or kill spies; removing the enemies of the people from society. The RAC is formidable, and battle tested, but the Outer-Rim is no place for even a RAC to run unescorted, she never travels alone; always runs some powerful escorts; always a pair of salty, veteran interceptor pilots. This squad, much like the Prisoner Transport team, don’t run with the typical Imperial polish; they live on the edge of the galaxy, living life on the edge of death, standing boldly between evil and the innocents. Beyond being experts at their trade, they to are good at making profits for themselves in the margins where they can, for as long as they capture or kill their prey, the spit and polish of the Fleet Admirals and Commanders let them do as they will…no one wants to replace them at their jobs. My 2515 Outer-Rim Security Team needed to tell a story in their re-paints, and @Vykes is amazingly doing just that: 


RAC and Friends.jpg


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