Is Mountain of Fire the end?

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On 8/9/2017 at 7:00 PM, banania said:

- a Print on Demand with side quests for the early cycles, when Side Quests did not exist

Here is an exemple of what we can do in Strange Eons to create our own Side Quests. The most difficult part is to find an image, I pick one who don't fit very well just for the example:



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20 hours ago, Flrbb said:

Do you mind posting the two decks (or at least the archetype and the used heroes)? As well as your 10 quests? I'd love top hear about them.

My favorite quests include:

Conflict at the Carrock, the Morgul Vale, Flight From Moria, peril in pelargir, the three trials, the Drudan forest, and encounter at Amon din. Top of the list though, is journey down the anduin from the core set. To be honest, we haven't really played the ones from the current cycle too much so I'm not sure how they measure up.

We also enjoy the saga box sets and have worked through the campaign a handful of times. Really looking forward to the last box coming out so we can play the entire campaign!

I'll try to post the deck list today or tomorrow, but the gist of it is Legolas, haldir, and mirlonde running a combat team with core set eowyn, glorfindel, and core set denethor handling the willpower/questing. The tactics/lore deck drops a gondorian shield on denethor and then support cards like arwen and protector of Lorien pump his defense so high he's darn near untouchable. Legolas is great as pushing past quests when willpower alone isn't enough to break threat strength.
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One thing that can be said about Lord of the Rings the card game is that if it did in fact end with Mountain of Fire and the current Cycle, its doubtful they would stop printing the existing game.  From a perspective of history, FFG rarely stops printing their franchise games unless they lose the license to do so.  More importantly what we have today with Lord of the Rings is a massive collection of sets that is expanded far beyond what most cards games achieve.   If they ended it now, we would still have a fantastic, very complete game to enjoy for years, so unless you are one of those guys that has everything and eagerly awaits each new expansion, there is plenty to collect.  I venture to guess that if they continue to release at the rate they are now and I continue to acquire sets at the rate I do, I will always be 2-3 cycles behind.  If they stopped releasing new content I would probably still be collecting packs for the next 2-3 years if I wanted to complete the entire collection.

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On 7/31/2017 at 6:29 PM, Hannibal_pjv said:

So Lotr Lcg 2nd edition? Not likely just yet, but I would be very happy to see it some day :)

a combination and bettered version of Lotr and arkham game system would be my favorite game. But not likely to happen. Game of Thrones managet to do it because the tv series did help a lot to gather new players.

Harder to see why new players would pick up new version on Lotr though. Well maybe we will get Silmarillion card game with those new rules ;)

that would be avesome!

I don't believe FFG will ever do the second edition of this game. It would be kind of pointless as it's not a competetive game and there is nothing what they should fix in any way. But if they do i think it will be rather a different game more like AH LCG or maybe something totally new.

It would be great if they will make last one cycle for the game and than end it in a big fashion(as it was already told here, each story must end). I would still be satisfied. I own every card of LotR LCG and it's my most played game of all time, we still play it each week or two with our group of friends and we love it. And there is still so much quests we didn't try and so much content we can still play with.

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