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Vassal module v7.1.2 is now out (new StarViper stuff)

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New Vassal module for X-Wing v7.1.2 with yesterday's previewed stuff: https://teamcovenant.com/star-wars-x-wing/x-wing-module-7-1-2-available-new-starviper-pilots

Pay attention to the new link that can get you the module file HOURS before the new moderation approval step is completed on the vassal website. You can instead get the file directly from my github page.


New cards:

  • Mimicked (Condition)

  • Shadowed (Condition)

  • Ion Dischargers (Illicit)

  • Black Sun Assassin (StarViper pilot)

  • Thweek (StarViper pilot)

  • Dalan Oberos (StarViper pilot)

Bugs dealt with:

  • Dial revealed while overlapping a ship token no longer triggers the cheat warning

  • TIE Aggressor dial no longer has forward 5 white

  • TIE Aggressor can now display its side actions (SHIFT-A, CTRL-A, etc)

  • C-ROC container token is now placed in the asteroids section instead of debris section

Anti-cheating features:

  • Dial revealed while overlapping another dial just a bit no longer triggers the cheat warning (ie will be less trigger happy)

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In the next release can you add the option for a Jumpmaster to drop bombs.  I was fooling around with a Cad Bane + Proton Bomb Dengar and realized that there is no shortcut to drop a bomb.  Needs to be done manually right now.

Thanks for all your hard work!

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True. Are there other ships that can do it thanks to Cad Bane?

I'm closing in on being able to rework the bomb spawner to make it manageable instead of the hot growing mess currently, in the vassal editor.


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