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 Hello Leagers of Arkham Horror,

For the next event or encounter, don´t forget this important tool for the dice rolls.

Cardboard Dice Boot Arkham Horror Themed

This is a classical design with 3 collision plattaforms, but I have a professional model with 4 plattaforms for collision, offering more randomic results in dice rolls.

100% handcrafted, I have other themes based in Arkham Horror (Dunnwitch Horror Skin, Cthulhu Theme, The Day of Tentacles)

I Posted in Talisman Forum a image of the professional model, look there ou follow this link

This model is dismountable, and can crafted in other materials 

Acrilic, MDF and Policarbon Shape, and PS.

The skin is laser color printed, and I use a Spray of Kraylon to protect the printing

In the cardboard model is needed protect with a collored tape, in this case I use Black color adesive tape.

I consider the cardboard model discartable, because the low resistense of the material, can be used to promote products and events of Boardgames, RPG Games.

In Brasil I use these dice boot for marketing of my ffg boardgames in my cyberchesscafé business.

Soon I will made a model to accept the D100 dice, now my models accept standard dices 30 mm.



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