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I found several items in several lists while doing research for items that would be cool to pull out an utility belt. 

There were some items (8) from DOH that i found but absolutely have no idea what they do;

-Dalabar sos-632 surveillance scanner

-Fabritech 7000 geoscanner 

-Paradour enterprise signature scent synthesizer 

-Suritech foodstuffs EZ1 analyses


-Consolidated learning systems transliterator 

-Antishock blanket

-Synoptic teacher 


Can anyone tell me what these items do? Note: The itemlist contained a name, encumbrance, rarity etc. Only thing missing was the description.



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Consolidated learning stranslator and synoptic teacher are technological laearning systems that allow you to learn new skills.

Datagoggles is a system to access data  visually.

Antishock blanket is a thermal blanket like those on ambulances

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The transliterator is just a translation device that helps with languages and does teach you anything. 

The synoptic teacher comes with built in short and long term abuse protection. Short term you need a skill check each time you use it to gain a skill. Failure reduces your strain threshold by half instead of teaching the skill for a session. Long term a despair result can render a character permanently unable to use the device. 

Its a good way to introduce a critical skill for an adventure but a bad way to actually learn skills in the long term. 

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