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Update #2: WIP Custom Campaign: Imperial Assault/ X-Wing Campaign

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Hey everyone,

So a friend and I have been throwing around an idea for an Imperial Assault campaign that ties in with the exciting space battles of X-Wing.

I’m glad to say we are on the right track. Our first major hurdle was plotting out the campaign. I took the liberty of mapping out all the available FFG campaigns to see how they size up, with out counting side missions. What I learned was how it is a much simpler flow chart than I anticipated.


You can find that flow chart here: Imperial Assault Flowchart


So with that in mind we set off and tried to make a compelling 3 Act journey for 5 rebels to partake in

We came up with this


A better view of Our campaign flowchart


The Campaign starts with the rebels stealing a Gozanti, this will be their flag ship through out the campaign. My original Idea was giving them a Ghost as it was smaller and have all the rebels fight in different positions 2/3 on turrets on controlling the Ghost itself and on in the Phantom.

While playing with this idea a friend from my local gaming store mentioned the Gozanti might be a better idea. I was initially opposed to it, but the more I thought about it the better it got. Giving the rebels a means to buy their own ships and deploy them from a huge ship seemed like such a cool concept.

Players upgrade every two missions, instead of one. And there are no side missions, though it is possible to obtain side mission rewards by completing mission throughout the campaign. One of the finales, if the rebels win, they get all their red side mission rewards.

From there it was a matter of figuring out the bones of the story and this is what we currently have:

Act 1: The Small Rebel Cell (up to 5 players) find out that the imperials are working on an assault craft the size of a CR90, and seek to tell the Alliance to Restore the Republic about it. The Imperials see the threat these rebels pose and deem them a minor threat. With no clue how to contact the Alliance, the rebels seek to obtain the information from the Imperials, as well as any more details about the Raider. The finale is a space mission where the rebels find the whereabouts of a Rebel Cell in contact with the High Command and send them a brief message about the Raider. They are given a rendezvous point and told to meet there.

Act 2: The rendezvous is on a remote system in Hutt controlled space.  On their way to the point the are assaulted by Bounty Hunters. The rebels are caught between a rock and indiscriminate blaster fire, and they soon find themselves in front of Jabba the Hutt. Jabba makes them an offer, either meet his contact in the Hoth system, where the Black Suns have begun to plot against the Hutt, or meet his contact in Cloud City and raid Bespin’s supply of Tibanna Gas. The Hutt explains that your bounty is quite high, but he will take care of it so long as you do him this favor. As you finish up one of the missions, you receive a distress call from the contacts you just helped. As you begin to shift your engines, you get a second distress call from the team you didn’t help. After you make your choice you all return to Jabba to see if he will hold up his end of the bargain. He does, but he holds up his end of his bargain with the Empire. You fight your way out of the palace and make your way to the rendezvous.

Act 3: While at the rendezvous with the Tantive IV, it is made clear you now have the full attention of the Empire and are ambushed by some of their best pilots. You do your best to fight them off, but in the process, lose the Tantive IV. All who were aboard are in escape pods drifting in various directions through space. The rebels do their best to make sure everyone is saved, including C3PO and Princess Leia. The rebels find them selves searching for Leia and come across the Imperials most feared champions. Once Leia is recovered she tells of the things she learned, while imprisoned by the Empire and deems the time to strike is now. In the finale, you fight against the Emperor himself.

We had to re work a good amount of the X-Wing rules to better fit with an Imperial Assault campaign, while we are in a good place with them, its not perfect. We ran a proof-of-concept mission and it went well, though we didn’t use all the ins-and-outs of X-Wing, we feel it does work. I have been looking at Heroes of The Aturi Cluster for Ideas. Some work some don’t.

We also have a few ideas we are working on to make the X-Wing portion feel more along the lines of Imperial Assault.

We decided that each Rebel Hero will get their own pilot card. Since they can buy their own ships there wont be a specific ship, and their upgrade bar will be blank. The Pilot cards will have unique abilities, and wont count as pilot abilities, so the can buy one later on.

Another thing we decided is to make class decks for X-Wing, in the same fashion of Imperial Assault.

The classes we have are:

Pilot: Focus on better maneuverability

Gunner: Focus on more damage

Engineer: Makes better use of modifications

Navigator: Makes better use of systems

Captain: stays and upgrades the Gozanti

The Imperial player will receive a deck twice the size of regular decks, right now we only know of one of the 0xp cards: When summoning or activating a Imperial TIE Fighter, you may summon or Activate 2 additional Imperial TIE Fighters.

We do have rules in place for when a rebel player loses a ship: the go from normal, to damaged (flip the card), to wrecked. While wrecked the draw a card from a new damage deck, that is a semi-permanent detriment. They will have to pay to get rid of it and it may affect their ship, or their figure, i.e. being exposed to the vacuum of space could lower your overall health.

There is still a ton a work, rework and balance that will have to playtest, but we wanted to see how it’s was received so far. We are really excited about it.

I’ll be updating this as he and I go.

Have a good one!!

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6 minutes ago, AlexGamz said:

@subtrendy2We worked out a little bit of the first mission, but nothing in terms of tiles.



Well, seems like you've really laid the base for a huge and exciting mod, but there's a ton of work to do yet.


Excited to see what you guys come up with!

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Okay, so update #1

We began hammering out the details of introduction of Act 1. We have all Event Summery down pact, the objectives, the win conditions, the rewards, the major villain (Kayn Somos). So we started to move on ward to the next mission, which is a space mission. We fell flat on our face.

We decided our rule changes to X-Wing were not where they should be. So, we have been trying to figure out a way that changes them to suit our need, while still upholding the core mechanics of X-Wing. Part of our issue not knowing how upgrading the space ships were going to work.

We tried eliminating the need for pilot skills and, in turn moving in the same manor as Imperial assault does; rebel than imperial than rebel than imperial, etc. etc. etc.

That was mess. So it was back to the drawing board.

For me, currency was the issue. I couldn’t figure out how to balance buying a ship, when upgrades were so cheap, you could outfit a ship in no time. That’s where Heroes of the Aturi Cluster rang in my head, and pilot scores were back in, it’s a good way to allow the players to spend money in another avenue. Then the issues was “what about the guy in the Gozanti” we talked for a while and played with the idea of giving him a large ship to play with, but that did get very far.  We do now have an acceptable way for the Captain to spend money, I talk about that more when were talking about ship upgrades.  So that’s were we are looking right now.

We designed the Rebel “X-Wing Class Cards” now, I’ll post them below.

Now our next steps are as follows:

Imperial X-Wing Class Deck

Rebel Hero Pilot Cards

Ship Hero Sheet and Wrecked Cards

Space Game Upgrade Options (we have a very good idea of this now)

Proof of Concept of New Style of X-Wing Campaign

Continue with Missions

Finish Campaign

Make Everything Pretty


As promised, here is our X-Wing Rebel Class Cards (one per player)

Pilot Class Deck

·         0 xp: You gain free use of the Veteran Instincts Elite Pilot Card, and gain the slam action

·         1 xp: while defending, you may turn blank results to focus results

·         1 xp: You may stress all enemies at range one, if you have a higher pilot skill

·         2 xp: When making 1 turn, 2 turn, or 3 turn you may Red Talon Roll Maneuver

·         2 xp: Remove 2 stress when preforming a Green Maneuver

·         3 xp: You do not gain a weapon disable token from using your slam action

·         3 xp: Gain Barrel Roll, when preforming a barrel roll you may use a straight 1, 2 or 3

·         4 xp: All White Maneuvers on your dial are now Green Maneuvers

·         4 xp: All Red Maneuvers on your dial are now White Maneuvers

Gunner Class Deck

·         0 xp: Your upgrade bar gains a cannon and turret icon.

·         1 xp: when attacking, if the attack misses you gain a focus.

·         1 xp: For every enemy at range 1 you may re roll one attack die.

·         2 xp: When using a focus, you may additionally change one focus icon to a critical hit.

·         2 xp: when attacking, if your attack hits, you may change one critical hit to two hits.

·         3 xp: when using a cannon, if the attack misses you may make a primary weapon attack

·         3 xp: during combat phase, if your first attack is with a turret, you may perform an additional attack

·         4 xp: When using a cannon, gain 2 stress, you may add dice to your attack up to your primary weapon stat.

·         4 xp: When using a turret, it gains attack range of 1-3

Engineer Class Deck

·         0 xp: Gain Cloaking Device Illicit for free

·         1 xp: May attack while cloaked, drop primary weapon value by 1 to a minimum of 1, you immediately decloak without moving, do not roll for cloaking device breaking

·         1 xp: You may spend an action to repair a broken or spent upgrade

·         2 xp: when defending, if the attacker misses, gain one shield token

·         2 xp: when you perform a green manuver, gain one shield token back to your maximum shield value

·         3 xp: while cloaked, you may attack an enemy ship if you are outside the defenders firing arc and have no enemy ships at range 1 or 2, you may remain cloaked.

·         3 xp: as an action, gain 2 stress, gain shields up to your evade value

·         4 xp: when attacking, all your attacks are considered range one

·         4 xp: while you still have shield tokens, you reduce incoming damage by 1 to a minimum of 1

Bomber Class Deck                           

·         0 xp: your upgrade bar gains a bomb, missile, and torpedo.

·         1 xp: you may use a 2 straight, 2 turn left or 2 turn right to drop a bomb, in place of a 1 straight.

·         1 xp: you may acquire a target lock out side of range 3

·         2 xp: Bombs ignore friendly targets, all bombs gain 2 ordinance tokens

·         2 xp:  when using missiles or torpedoes, you do 1 damage to all ships at range 1 of the target

·         3 xp: If your bomb or mine is at range 2 of an enemy, you may attach it to that ship, it then explodes

·         3 xp: when using missiles or torpedoes, you may attack outside your primary firing arc

·         4 xp: You may interrupt enemy maneuver to cause one bomb or mine to explode, bombs no longer explode on their own.

·         4 xp: Lose primary weapon, do not flip missiles or torpedoes when used. Gain the Deadeye EPT


Captain Class Deck

·         0 xp: Gain the Coordinate action, it is not restricted to range 1-2

·         1 xp: when you gain energy, gain 1 additional energy

·         1 xp: Gain 1 Hardpoint to upgrade bar

·         2 xp: Gain suppressive fire condition card

·         2 xp: when you ram a ship that is small or large, you do not roll attack die

·         3 xp: gain 3 hull upgrades

·         3 xp: gain 1 shield upgrade, hitting obstacles damages shields before damaging hull

·         4 xp: coordinate now allows a player to perform a second maneuver and action

·         4 xp: action: spend 2 energy, all friendly ships gain a focus and evade tokens

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Hey again!

We finished up the massive Imperial Class Deck for the X-Wing Portion of the game. We Think what we have is both powerful and useful to combat those crazy Rebel Class abilities we came up with. Our main goal was might and swarm. And you’ll be able to pick up on some of the choices we made to reflect.


As with everything we are still in a working state so everything is subject to change.

Imperial Class Deck

·         0 xp: When Deploying a TIE Fighter, you may deploy up to 2 additional TIE Fighters of the same value for no additional cost. Furthermore, During the combat phase, when you perform an attack with a TIE Fighter, if there is a different TIE Fighter at Range 1-2, you may interrupt to perform a free attack with a that TIE Fighter.

·         0 xp: Spend 2 threat: A nearby capital ship launches a Turbolaser Assault. At the start of the combat phase, perform an attack on any enemy ship. Roll 5 attack dice, the defender suffers all hits and critical hits. You may change one focus result to a hit. The defender adds 3 evade dice to their defense roll. Exhaust this card.


·         1 xp: When Deploying a unique pilot, you may reduce its pilot score by a maximum of 3 to a minimum of 1 to reduce the threat cost to deploy that pilot.

·         1 xp: Spend 1 threat: if an attack misses you may gain target lock on the defender.

·         1 xp: Activate this card at the start of the Combat Phase. During that combat phase, after an attack you declare is resolved, the defender receives one stress. Deplete this card.

·         1 xp: When an non-unique imperial ship receives a stress token, it also receives an Evade token. It may not receive more than one Evade Token this way.


·         2 xp: treat all imperial ships as having a +1 to pilot score. This does not affect score cost.

·         2 xp: During Set Up, you gain may add VT-49 Decimator, with pilot Patrol Leader to the list. It cannot be placed within rang 3 of enemy ships.

·         2 xp: All TIE ships gain a free Twin Ion Engine Mk. II Modification

·         2 xp: You may spend 1 threat per die to either reroll or force an opponent reroll. Exhaust this card.


·         3 xp: Any Imperial Ship with a pilot score of 6 or above may increase their primary weapon value by 1

·         3 xp: When a friendly ship is defeated, you gain threat 2 threat.

·         3 xp: spend 5 threat: All enemy ships receive 1 stress. Deplete this card

·         3 xp: If a non-unique pilot can equip a Title, you may choose to. If that Title grants you an upgrade slot you may use one of the following:

EPT: Ruthlessness, Predator, Juke

Astromech: R2 Astromech, R3 Astromech

Torpedoes: Proton Torpedoes, Plasma Torpedoes

Missiles: Homing Missiles, Proton Rockets

Cannon: Flechette Cannon, “Mangler” Cannon

Turret: Autoblaster Turret, Synced Turret

Bomb: Seismic Charges, Proximity Mines

Crew: • Rebel Captive, Tactician, Operation Specialist

Salvaged Astromech: Overclocked R4, Unhinged Astromech

Systems: Accuracy Corrector, Collision Detector

Modifications: Stealth Device, Vectored Thrusters, Guidance Chips

Illicit: Glitterstim, Dead Man’s Switch

Tech: Primed Thrusters, Weapon Guidance


·         4 xp: Spend 2 threat: You may add one die result of your choice, to any one roll. Exhaust this card.

·         4 xp: Spend 6 threat: All enemy ships gain one Ion Token and one Weapons Disabled token. Deplete this card.

·         4 xp: all Imperial ships gain +1 shield and +1 hull

·         4 xp: Deplete this Card, roll 1d4 or choose from the table below, deploy that Bounty Hunter.

If pilot is already in use due to mission parameters, you may not choose that ship.





Additional Conditions






(Scum) Boba Fett/ Fire Spray-31

Elite Pilot Talent: Expertise

Cannon: Heavy Laser Cannon

Bomb: Seismic Charges

Missiles: Concussion Missiles

Mod: Countermeasures

Torpedo: Proton Torpedo

Title: Slave-1

Spend 1 threat: before deployment, Boba Fett gains the Boba Fett Crew Card with the additional condition; if Boba Fett Crew Card is face down,

Spend 1 Threat to flip Boba Fett Crew Card Face Up


Bossk/ YV-666

Elite Pilot Talent: Rage

Cannon: “Mangler” Cannon

Cannon: Ion Cannon

Missiles: Concussion Missiles

Mod: Maneuvering Fins

Title: Hound’s Tooth


Spend 2 threat: before deployment, Bossk gains the Bossk Crew Card.



Dengar/ Jumpmaster-5000

Elite Pilot Talent: Deadeye

Torpedo: Adv. Proton Torpedo

Torpedo: Proton Torpedo

Salvaged Mech: Unhinged Astromech

Title: Punishing One

Illicit: Glitterstim


Spend 3 threat: before deployment, Dengar gains the Dengar Crew Card.


IG-88B/ Aggressor

Cannon: Heavy Laser Cannon

Cannon: Tractor Beam

System: Adv. Targeting Computer


Spend 5 threat: before deployment: Gain IG-88C Pilot Ability. Furthermore, any small or large ship in deployment gains IG-88D crew card.


Additionally, we came up with Pilot abilities for each of the Rebel Heroes in Imperial Assault. We also included the three new hereoes, Drokkata, Jerrod Kelvin, and Ko-Tun Feralo.

Those are the most WIP out of all of them.

Diala Passil

·         You may spend one focus to reduce the defender’s agility by 1

Fenn Signis

·         You gain a free •Lone Wolf Elite Pilot Talent


·         After you perform a maneuver that would overlap, or pass through an enemy ship, if you are able, preform a free boost, receive one stress and damage card. The enemy receives one face up damage card.

·         You may purchase the Auzituck Gunship for -$400

Gideon Argus

·         After you preform a target lock action, you may remove one stress from a friendly ship at range 1-3.

Jyn Odan

·         You gain a free Opportunist Elite Pilot Talent

·         When determining available ships to purchase, you may include Imperial ships

Mak Eshka’rey

·         Your primary weapon attack range is 1-5. While attacking beyond range 3, the defender gains 2 defense die for the range bonus in place of the standard 1.

Biv Bodhrik

·         May assign the “A Debt To Pay” Condition Card to any enemy ship. Once that ship is destroyed, you may move “A Debt To Pay” to another ship. You may not move it unless the current holder is destroyed.

Saska Teft

·         Action: If you are not stressed, you may receive 2 stress to make one enemy ship at range 1-3 receive a weapons disabled token.

·         Your upgrade bar gains the Tech icon

Loku Kanoloa

·         If you have a target lock on the defender, your shots cannot be obstructed when firing through an obstacle.


·         Action: Receive 1 stress and 1 Weapons Disabled Token, discard one facedown damage card or, receive 3 stress and 1 Weapons Disabled Token and discard a faceup damage card

Verena Talos

·         When defending at range 1, you may roll one extra defense dice.

·         When determining available ships to purchase, you may include Imperial ships.

Davith Elso

·         When attacking, if you deal damage to the target, you gain a free Stealth Device Modification Upgrade until the next activation phase.

Murne Rin

·         Action: receive 2 stress, choose an enemy ship at range 1-3, you may force that ship to attack any target in it’s primary firing arc, with its primary weapon.

·         When determining available ships to purchase, you may include Imperial ships.

Onar Koma

·         Friendly small ships cannot be the target of an attack if they can target you instead

·         When determining available ships to purchase, you may include Scum ships.

Shyla Varad

·         Gain free Harpoon Missile Card with an ordinance token

·         When determining available ships to purchase, you may include Scum ships.

·         You may purchase the Protectorate Starfighter for -$500

Vinto Hreeda

·         While attacking, if you deal a damage card, you may perform a primary weapon attack upon against a different ship. You cannot perform another attack this turn.


·         Your Upgrade Bar gains a Bomb Icon. When a bomb you placed detonates, choose one ship at range 1 of the bomb token. That ship receives one damage.

·         You may purchase the Auzituck Gunship for -$400

Jarrod Kelvin

·         At the start of the Combat Phase, you may receive a Weapons Disabled Token. If you do you may add additional Evade Dice up to your primary weapon value.

·         You gain a free J4X-7 Astromech Card

o   J4X-7: does a thing.

Ko-Tun Feralo

·         Your Upgrade bar gains your choice of one of the following: Cannon, Turret

·         When you select the upgrade of your choice you gain the corresponding card for free.

Cannon: Ion Cannon

Turret: Ion Cannon Turret


If anyone has any feedback we’d love to hear from anyone!

Untill next time amigos, May the Force Be with You :P

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I don't really know much about X-Wing, but it seems like you tried to capture the essence of each IA hero with their X-Wing abilities. I think this is a really good idea, not only thematically, but also for ease of gameplay. I guess that this game will be quite complex, and adding things like these will make it a lot easier to remember what's going on!

I still don't really understand how the gameplay itself is going to look - is it X-Wing play with IA heroes? Or is it one mission on the ground, oen mission in the "air", etc.?

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5 hours ago, burek277 said:

I still don't really understand how the gameplay itself is going to look - is it X-Wing play with IA heroes? Or is it one mission on the ground, oen mission in the "air", etc.?

Some missions are ground, some are space.

It's not 1 to 1 though, a ground mission doesn't always lead to a space mission and vice versa.

For example: the first mission is ground and leads to one of 2 space mission. Depending on how those space missions go, you either dock for repairs only to run into an imperial batallion


Your off flying into a lambda shuttle trying to board it to capture a captain.

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5 minutes ago, Stompburger said:

This is really cool; I wish I knew more about X-Wing to understand how all these things work! I wonder how many people are X-Wing and IA fans; that's a lot of plastic to buy :D

As someone who has bought everything for both I can verify.

Battle front was one of my favorite games growing up, loved the ground and space gameplay so when I got all the imp assault and xwing stuff I knew I wanted to mix and match.

Also, This is something I started with the idea that I can get my local xwing player into. They all like imp assault but no one bought anything. So I thought why not.

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14 hours ago, burek277 said:

I still don't really understand how the gameplay itself is going to look - is it X-Wing play with IA heroes? Or is it one mission on the ground, oen mission in the "air", etc.?

For got to add something:

Your Rebel Heroes in Imp assault, will be your pilots in X-Wing. So you can have Gaarkhan flying in a Auzituck Gunship, or Shyla in a Mandalorian Protectorate Starfighter, or Diala Passil in an A-Wing, or Verena Talos in a TIE Interceptor etc etc

Players will be able to buy and upgrade their own ships and pilot score via an upgrade phase much like Imperial Assault.

The exception is the Gozanti. The Captain Class player will not be able to buy a ship, however, they will be able to turn the Gozanti into a mobile fortress. 

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