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Talisman Speedrun

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Still not as broken as the Scribe in the City deck... :mellow:


This is more of a proof of concept, don't take it too seriously, but feel free to comment on any potential rules issues. I mentioned the Water Walking thing in the description.

I know about gaining fate vs. fate value, but I can do the Mab's Gate roll anyway so it doesn't change much if the Verdant Talisman gives fate or not. You can potentially gain several fate during that one turn in the Woodland anyway if it was needed.

Blinking after getting teleported was actually the one thing I thought was illegal when I first found it, but from what I've now read it seems to be fine; a move is a move.

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Here's another way to get a one-turn win:

Character: Sprite or Leprechaun (starting space: Forest; starts with 2 spells)

Spells: Toadify and Marked for Glory (Bolster would also work, but would require a 6 roll)

Movement roll: 3, 4, or 5 -- Move into the Dungeon

Draw: Secret Passage -- Roll a 6, Teleport to Treasure Chamber

Engage Lord of Darkness in Battle
Cast Toadify -- Roll a 4, 5, or 6
Cast Bolster -- Roll a 2 or better with the Lephrechaun; roll a 3 or better with the Sprite, add 6 (for a total of 10 or better)
Lord of Darkness rolls a 1, resulting in beating him by a score of 8 or better (If the Time Card is in play, roll a 1 or better for the Leprechaun or a 2 or better with the Sprite.)

Teleport to Crown of Command

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