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Nimble Fat Han (SLoop) + Jake Cruise Missiles?

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 Han Solo (original YT-1300) - 46 (61 total)

Expertise - 4

Engine Upgrade - 4

C3PO - 3

Kanan Jarrus (crew) -3

new Title (SLoop) - 1


Jake Farrell (A-Wing) - 24 (35 total) 

Push the Limit - 3

Cruise Missiles - 3

Autothrusters - 2

A-Wing Test Pilot Title - 0

Predator - 3


Debating whether C3PO or Gunner is better as the Falcon's second crew.  Thinking C3PO makes up for losing the evade from the old title, then use Falcon's target lock as a pseudo-Gunner when not boosting.  The new title makes Han more maneuverable than the old title and Kanan takes care of the stress.

With Jake, PTL lets him focus + barrel roll/boost, 2nd action can evade to ward against TLTs (plus autothrusters) - he's got enough green moves that shedding stress shouldn't be difficult, but PTL > VI?  Debating whether to go with Homing Missiles or the new Cruise Missiles.



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I can't say this enough: Jake wants VI. And PTL or Intensity. At PS7, he WILL get torn to shreds. I don't think Predator is important enough for him. Cruise missiles are a nifty idea, thought I'd personally prefer Concussions if I didn't use Prockets.


My question about Han is: Why do you want him to be able to sloop? The only reason its so good with Rey is because she and Finn are dependent on having the arc. I agree with your choices of Expertise, EU, and C-3PO, but I really think the evade title and another crew, like Gunner, would be more effective.

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