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How Do I Fix Miniatures?

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I have two things I would like to know. First and foremost is: How do I fix miniatures made of separate components due to glue failure? I found this out recently when a TIE Advanced/x1 that I'm getting replaced due to the failure of its attachment peg's visible portion broke apart, showing that it appears the wings or solar panels or whatever anyone wants to call them appear to be separately attached to the fuselage and thus the entire miniature is NOT a single component. I therefore suspect that this is glue failure since it appears that a low-quality glue was used. Therefore, I want to know if anyone would recommend a kind of modeling glue or epoxy out there that they would prefer using and that works better than what FFG uses at its factory in (where else) Red China (no offense intended). The other thing I want to know is: How do I completely remove attachment pegs, including the portion that's actually glued within the miniature, from the actual spacecraft without causing damage? I recently noticed that the hole drilled into the miniature to accommodate the top of the attachment peg when it gets glued in is the same size for the top of a standard peg, suggesting I could just fit a normal peg into the ship without having to deal with a permanent attachment peg if necessary. I want to therefore know how to remove the entire attachment peg so I don't have to complain to FFG about getting replacement miniatures anymore, since I'm tired of the attachment peg's visible portion breaking off to where the portion glued into the spacecraft is left behind and impossible to remove. That's all. (The photo is when the attachment peg's bottom portion broke off before the left wing on the ship also broke off.)   


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I've switched to Magnets recently to get over the broken peg issue. Most ships i've magnetized have just used rare earth magnets (1.5mm deep, 3 mm width) and sunk the magnet into the ship and glued it to the top of the peg.


Regarding Glue/Epoxy - i prefer using a Gel based superglue. much much nicer and easier to work with than watery glue. i think gorilla glue do a decent one.

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