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Dengar over the top - attacks 6 times (for fun)

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So, Dengar is the scurge of the competitive scene with some help, of course. I was talking to a friend & fellow x-winger about Dengar & joked about causing damage 4 different times in 1 round, but then we realized...

it could be 6!

JumpMaster 5000: · Dengar (33)
     Snap Shot (2)
     Anti Pursuit Laser (2)
     · Bossk (2)
     · Punishing One (12)
     Black Market Slicer Tools (1)
     · R5-P8 (3)
-- TOTAL ------- 55p. --

Not really his strongest build but holy cow, he could literally cause damage 6 times!


One ship ends its movement within range 1 of Dengar which triggers Snap Shot

Another ship hits him, which triggers Anti Pursuit Laser

Action phase he could use Slicer tools if there happens to be a stressed ship near by

Shoots as normal

If shot at, has his retaliation shot & R5 triggers.


Just wow.

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