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Sorry About The Mess: A PvP Tournament

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Hi all and welcome to something new here on the FFG Star Wars forums. A few of us became interested in comparing different PC builds, one thing led to another and there was a little PvP encounter that seemed quite fun, so now we want to open up to an open competition. The general idea is to have 1v1 PCvPC duels in various arenas. The plan is to have a series of Heats followed by an elimination finals where a winner will be crowned.

The Challengers


@Richardbuxton with Arrther a Mandalorien Shien Expert with a Saber 

@awayputurwpn with Grrwalryyhl a Wookiee Martial Artist with a big gun. 

@Imperial Stormtrooper with Omega a Kyuzo Trailblaser with a big gun and grenades.

@Nightone with The Bulk a Green Nikto Martial Artist Marauder with nasty claws 

@SavageBob with Pango a Droid Demolitionist Mercenary Soldier with a bandolier of Grenades for all occasions.

@LordBritish with Tanson Stryder a Rodian Gunslinger with Unmatched Fortune, a bunch of sweet pistols and a few grenades to match

@SithArissa with Arissa a Twi'Lek Makashi Niman using a Shoto, ancient  Sword and a Dragoon... don't get close!

@Darth Lectus with Cheevil Batt a Chadra Fan Ataru Executioner using a Shoto


PC seed list:

1: @Nightone with The Bulk (3 Points, 10xp)

2: @awayputurwpn with Grrwalryyhl (1 point, 15xp)

3: @Richardbuxton with Arrther (25xp, 1point)

4: @Darth Lectus with Cheevil Batt (20xp)

5: @Imperial Stormtrooper with Omega (10xp)

6: @SithArissa with Arissa (1Point, 15xp)

7: @LordBritish with Tanson Stryder (1 Point, 15xp)

8: @SavageBob with Pango (2 Points, 10xp)


The Heat List:

Round 1:

Heat 1A @Nightone with The Bulk vs

@Imperial Stormtrooper with Omega. The Bulk was the winner.

Heat 1B @awayputurwpn with Grrwalryyhl vs @SithArissa with Arissa. Grrwalryyhl was the winner.

Heat 1C @Richardbuxton with Arrther vs @LordBritish with Tanson Stryder

Heat 1D Darth Lectus with Cheevil Batt vs @SavageBob with Pango. Pango was the winner.


Round 2:

Heat 2A @Nightone with The Bulk vs @LordBritish with Tanson Stryder. The Bulk won

Heat 2B @awayputurwpn with Grrwalryyhl vs @SavageBob with Pango. Pango won.

Heat 2C @Richardbuxton with Arrther vs @Imperial Stormtrooper with Omega. Arrther won.

Heat 2D @Darth Lectus with Cheevil Batt vs @SithArissa with Arissa. Arissa won.


Round 3:

Heat 3A @Nightone with The Bulk vs @Richardbuxton with Arrther. Bulk was the winner.

Heat 3B @awayputurwpn with Grrwalryyhl vs @Darth Lectus with Cheevil Batt

Heat 3C @Imperial Stormtrooper with Omega vs @LordBritish with Tanson Stryder

Heat 3D @SithArissa with Arissa vs @SavageBob with Pango


Round 4:

Heat 4A @Nightone with The Bulk vs @Darth Lectus with Cheevil Batt

Heat 4B @awayputurwpn with Grrwalryyhl vs @Richardbuxton with Arrther

Heat 4C @Imperial Stormtrooper with Omega vs @SavageBob with Pango

Heat 4D @SithArissa with Arissa vs @LordBritish with Tanson Stryder


Round 5:

Heat 5A @Nightone with The Bulk vs @SithArissa with Arissa

Heat 5B @awayputurwpn with Grrwalryyhl vs @Imperial Stormtrooper with Omega

Heat 5C @Richardbuxton with Arrther vs @SavageBob with Pango

Heat 5D @Darth Lectus with Cheevil Batt vs @LordBritish with Tanson Stryder





If your interested in creating a character and competing or want to offer to help referee then follow this link to register. https://goo.gl/forms/VGkiTvCN9yKPVkoN2

Here are the rules of the competition:

PvP Championship, Open League 

These are the rules of engagement for this first championship. Players are reminded this is a Personal Scale combat championship; vehicles, mounts and gunnery weapons are not allowed. Duels are to the death or the surrender of one competitor. All injuries are recovered between fights, including wounds strain and critical injuries. All equipment is repaired or replaced, including Grenades, stimpacks and any other consumable items.

All characters should have a brief bio, with a simple explanation of the concept and intended tactics. They must also pass examination by the members of the forums before the championship begins. No House Rules will apply (which could make this rocket tag with glass cannons and ruin the interest of the challenge) so HR's may be implemented before fighting begins if  there is a consensus amongst players that something is amiss (Move and Autofire being the obvious problems, although an army of crafted Droids or a Gunslinger/Commando with Thermal Detonators could also pose a risk)

Orokos.com will be used for Dice Rolling, with the Round & Heat number in place of the Campaign name. Players names are mandatory, as is the Skill being used in the Description. All characters must also have a swsheets.com page for easy reference by all involved.

Current Wound and Strain values with thresholds (eg 0/15W 4/13S) will be required in each post of a Dual. Opponents get to spend the Threat/Despair of their Competitor, although a Referee/GM will be nominated to oversee a fight for resolving disputes.


Rules for the Duels:

The Championship will consist of 2 stages. First a series of Heats, probably 4 or 5 rounds of Heats, where everyone fights a single fight per Heat. The winner of each fight earns a point, the looser gains a Scar Talent from an as yet undecided list. After the Heats have been fought the top 8 (16 if there are a lot of characters) will take part in an Elimination Finals 1st v 8th, 2nd v 7th, 3rd v 6th and 4th v 5th. The winners progress (1/8v4/5, 2/7v3/6)until there's only 1 left who becomes Champion.

Before the Heats begin all the fight matchups will be randomly determined. Each Duel will be assigned an "Arena Thread" likely located in the AoR Beginner Game forums. Only 1 fight at a time will take place in a single thread, so an expected 5 or so Arena Threads will be created.

Before each dual the following will be randomly determined:

The Scenario, d100 roll from a predetermined list.




The current list of scenarios is yet to be finalised, most are taken from the EotE Environmental Set Pieces fan supplement, the rest are new for this competition.

  1. Arctic snowfield 
  2. Battlefield 
  3. Desert Sand Dune
  4. Detention Block without Droids
  5. Frozen Ice Cave without Wampa 
  6. Hanger
  7. Hover train car (exterior)
  8. Hover train car (interior) without the troops 
  9. Infested Grassland 
  10. Jungle without predatory plant
  11. Junkyard without mynocks 
  12. Research Lab without Mutant creature 
  13. Rocky Mountain Side
  14. Starship Passage 
  15. Toxic Mud Flat without muck worm
  16. Urban Skywalk
  17. Volcanic Canyon without the Trandoshian Hunter
  18. Outside Hull of a Star Destroyer (no atmosphere, mag boots, small asteroids?)
  19. Construction Site (lots of elevation, dangerous materials)
  20. Cantina, bar brawl (crowded, bystanders getting involved)
  21. Inside a falling Turbo Lift (zero g and close range)
  22. Droid Manufacturing Facility (lots of very hazardous events)
  23. On animal mounts or in an animal stampede (land or flying, falling hazards, impacts with animals)
  24. Darkend Alley (lots of elevation with fire escapes, darkness)
  25. Inside a derelict space station (zero g, dangerous atmosphere)



Destiny pool, including deciding which character will use DS and LS. Competitor 1 chooses if they want 1-50 or 51-100, Competitor 2 makes the roll. Whoever wins gets to choose DS or LS for the combat.

Starting Range, from Short to Long. 1-33= Short, 34-63= Medium, 64-99= Long, 100= reroll.

Initiative Skill to be used 1-50= Cool, 51-100= Vigilance.


Character Creation rules:

Start with standard Character Creation, no Obligation or Duty will be used, instead each player has a choice of one of the following:


+5xp and +1000 credits 

+2500 credits 

+/- 21 Morality 

After completing standard character creation the character also gains:

+300xp and +18000 credits to spend. No vehicles, mounts, or Weapons that use the Gunnery skill... anything else goes!

For the purposes of Crafting and Modding a player may use Orokos to make the rolls, each roll must be linked in the Notes section of the character sheet. Required fields: Character Name, Campaign ("Star Wars PvP Open League"), Description of whats being attempted. If any fields are blank then the roll is null and must be rerolled. Any Threat or Despair will require the adjudication of the Referees in the main Champions Lobby thread. Failed rolls should still count towards materials cost, thats why orokos is important as a characters roll history can easily be viewed.

For any help using either the Google Forms page, swsheets or in particular orokos please feel free to ask.

Edited by Richardbuxton

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Sure, there are certainly some encounters which have great places to hide, it will likely be an opposed Perception vs Stealth check. Just keep in mind it is a combat duel, your main aim is to disable your opponent. I would recommend having some flexibility and not sticking to a single tactic.

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1 minute ago, SithArissa said:

But they have no price, how will this be taken into account? Otherwise they are basically free sabers. 

Oh! Obviously I don't have my copy of the book yet ?

They will need to be excluded then, house rules are being avoided at the moment so there's not really a way to get them. Obviously the intention is those Crystals are not available to even a Knight Level character.

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The intention of no vehicles (and mounts) is two fold. The weapons can be far too powerful to start, but the biggest issue they carry is the freedom of movement. Someone with a jet pack can move from short range (personal) Close range (planetary) in a single manoeuvre. As I'm sure you understand this would be significantly unbalanced in this circumstance. For that reason any device that allows for planetary scale movement is excluded.

I would like turn this experiment into an ongoing series if it's enjoyable to the participants, in which case alternate styles of duels could be tried. For instance a melee only, no Ranged Heavy, a Dogfight tournament, a weapons free Force Power showdown. There's lots of options that could be explored later but for now it was about keeping it personal whilst also allowing a broad range of character choices. 

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Makes sense. Another question regarding how stealth will work: Let's say Player 1 is trying to set an ambush for Player 2. Resolving the stealth as you outlined above sounds good, but what about before then? Does Player 1 put his tactics into a "quote" box (so it's hidden by default), and we just expect the opponent not to cheat and read it? I'm cool with that, but I'm just curious about the logistics.

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I think a Spoiler box would work, its obviously going to have some issues of potential cheating. That's where a referee is important. Sensible players that are willing to separate player and character knowledge will be important too. This community is rather polite in general so I hope that doesn't become an issue.

One of the problems I can see is there's no certainty that you will win initiative, especially since both skills have a 50% chance of being used. That may mean you don't get to act first and therefore can't hide before being seen.

You can still say "I dive for cover to hide, trying to sneak around my opponent" in which case an opposed check would be rolled. With success your opponent looses you in the environment, failure and your opponent knows where you are.

But the difficulty and any boost/setback is really subject to a GM based on the particular situation (weather, darkness, distance apart etc.). That is where the two players need to discuss the check in question, and factors influencing it, then get the referee to help if the two can't agree.


This whole exercise relies on the Players being open, honest, fair, and also being able to come to an agreement without being cared for like a baby by the Referee.

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Yeah true, it's a possibility, you can have up to 5 people in a PM, so multiple GM's could adjudicate in that kind of situation. 

This is one of the reasons I suggested Players provide a brief list of tactics with their character. It helps opponents know what to expect so nothing big is a surprise in the duel. If you put on your sheet "Stealth is important, this character tries to get close before ambushing." That way the opponent isn't surprised in the first round even if their character is.

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2 minutes ago, themensch said:

I like this idea!


How do you plan to work around the fact that swsheets has been abandoned for some time with no interest from the author in updating its content? 

The only major thing not there is all the Species, but there's a workaround. When selecting species you can actually type in anything you want, the top option of the dropdown list will be "add x" where x is what you have typed. It doesn't actually add that species to the database, but it will list it as that particular characters species.

The only other element missing is where non standard skill/characterist pairings are concerned. In that case the best is to make note what the correct skill pool is either on the talent or in the weapon "special" field. 

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10 hours ago, Richardbuxton said:

The only major thing not there is all the Species, but there's a workaround. When selecting species you can actually type in anything you want, the top option of the dropdown list will be "add x" where x is what you have typed. It doesn't actually add that species to the database, but it will list it as that particular characters species.

THANK YOU for pointing that out, I couldn't get it to work last night.  Not sure if I just forgot how to computer or what.  I can live without custom skills, but the inability to add a species chapped my hide. 

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1 hour ago, DaverWattra said:

Are we allowing people to purchase the decked-out Edge of the Empire lightsaber for its list price of 10,000?  (!!)

It's listed as a Melee weapon, not a Lightsaber weapon, that causes problems for them. Technically you can't use it to Reflect, Saber Throw, or any other talents that requires the user to be wielding a Lightsaber class of weapon.

Beyond that though it also doesn't have hard points, so nothing else can be done to the weapon.

But let's be honest, most people would ignore all of that. Really I think it's against the spirit of this game.

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