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Guilds - new big expansion

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3 hours ago, Bludgeon said:

Have you had a chance to play with the Guilds yet? If so, how'd it work out?
I played with guilds once, but no one met new denizens and almost no new adventure cards appeared. So not really a test I guess.

That'd be my primary concern when playing with this Expansion, especially since I haven't even had a chance to play with Denizens at all yet. Seems like it would be tricky to ensure that you encounter the right denizens to ensure the right denizens pop up to promote guild activities.  I might consider adding on some extra Guild Halls function to the Tavern space, where you can always encounter one of the three guild leaders as an alternative to drinking at the Tavern.

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I played three more times and the problem is definitely there.

To fix it, I'm gonna try the following:

1. The three denizens also have an option to buy favours at a reasonable price.

2. One new denizen that will sell you a random favours cheaply.

3. A new rule that a character can stop his movement at "draw denizens" space.

I will also make a Guild War alt ending that makes the whole expansion much more prevelant. 

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