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Opinions on a Poe Build

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I was playing around with a Poe build and was wondering if I could get some opinions/suggestions on it:

Poe (PS9): Intensity-BB8-Black One-Comm Relay-Autothrusters 

Cpt. Nym: Expertise-Sabine-TLT-Bomblet Generator

Z-95 Bandit Squadron: 

Curious to see what everyone thinks. 


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Firstly, I'd personally prefer Predator than Expertise; no risk that it gets shut down by stress.

The Poe is almost the exact same as the one I and many others plan to use, the only difference is that you use Comm Relay. I see the appeal, as it allows you to bank that evade early. However, I don't think its worth the fact that stress or pulling a red would shut you down. With Primed Thrusters, even if you get stressed or want to pull a red, you can still boost then get the focus from Intensity. Much more powerful, I'd say.

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