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4 hours ago, Vindicare101 said:

Awesome another Black Sun Cartel member, I can't wait to see your fleet  : )

Right on my DARK Brah!

4 hours ago, DampfGecko said:

Well, now you just have to swamp this thread with pictures!

Oh I will... you know how I like my pictures of STAR WARS Toys... (Especially MY Toys) YAH!

Be sure to follow my links to the B6R7Blog so you can see more in depth "How I Did It Stuff."

These Beatiful Babies just came in today too: SCUM%2BBS%2BVBW.PNG SCUM%2BBS%2BRIHKXYRK%2BBSHF.png...!

Ghostly_Skull.gif RISE BLACK SUN... RISE! Ghostly_Skull.gif


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Well I got an annoying surprise this week. I already contacted Shapes, and the agent working my claim is filing a reprinting for me.

So now I have this bad print in hand.

I wonder if I can save it by heavily converting it to be a Vigo ship with a lot of upgrades... or just trash it as a nice 3D Debris terrain piece.

SCUM%2BBSV%2B1.PNG <( My ship!) SCUM%2BBS%2BRIHKXYRK.PNG _heart__rvmp_by_bad_blood.gif


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