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how many hero`s and which factions do they belong to ?

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Can you tell me so far how many heroes are available for you to play and which of the six factions do they belong ?

Daqan, Latari Elves, Uthuk, Waiqar, Orcs and Dwarves ?  from looking at the pictures there is an Orc hero and Dwarf hero in the base game but what about the rest ?

If this has already been asked please put a link for me.

I am very interested to find out what factions the hero`s belong to. I own Runewars the board game and all the heroes are also broken down to 3 catagory.

Good (Daqan and Elves)

Neutral (Dwarves and Orcs)

Evil (Waiqar and Uthuk) 

Thanks so much. 



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In the base game there are 6 heroes. Corbin the dwarf bounty hunter, Master Thorn the human wizard, Lord Hawthorne the human champion, Laurel of Bloodwood the Latari elf ranger, Elder Mok the orc shaman and Lyssa the Khajit huntress. 

Each of the 4 small expansions add 1 new hero, namely Jonas the kind the human cleric, Red Scorpion the human rouge, Nanok of the blade the human barbarian and Zyla the fae. The new larger expansion adds 2 new heroes, Eliam the latari warrior and Tatiana the human tribal warrior. 

In the lore of Terrinoth there are more factions than the six major ones which are playable in RuneWars and many of them can't be classified as either good or evil. Most of these factions have been introduced in expansions to the previous version of the game and aren't as fleshed out lore wise as the six major factions. 

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