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Their Darkest Hour - A Time Looping Adventure!

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Hello Everyone,

A long time ago, I posted about an adventure module I'd made for bringing edge characters into a Force & Destiny campaign. I did this using an Edge of Tomorrow style time-looping mechanic and it was one of the best GMing experiences of my life. Well, thanks to Shay Blechman of these forums it has officially come to life! 


I've gone through it a few times with edits, finding what I could. We still intent to add stat profiles for a wide variety of characters who don't have their final stat profiles baked into the formatting. At this point we are far enough along that it is ready to share, and any feedback/criticism is welcome. Please take a read and let us know what you think, we'd love to have others utilize what is here and have their own fun with it. Thank you!

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