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How similar is Runewars Miniatures to Original Runewars?

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Completely different! Runewars is my number one favorite board game of all time. What Runewars Miniatures Game shares with Runewars is the world, story, and the 4 factions: Daqan Lords (humans), Waiqar the Undying (undead), Uthuk Y'llan (demonic barbarians), and Latari Elves (elves). As far as game mechanics, I can't think of any similarities. Even the units have relatively little overlap between the two games, so far. Runewars is an empire-building game of diplomacy, conquest, and heroic questing. It takes many aspects of the fantasy genre and integrates into one game. Each game lasts for 6+ years, in game-time.

Runewars Miniatures Game, on the other hand, takes place completely on the battlefield. Imagine you have a battle in Runewars, but instead of lining up figures by initiative and drawing fate cards to see who will come out the victor, you are zooming down to the level of that battle for the whole 90-minute game. You have command of each individual unit and make choices on maneuvering, attacking, and securing objectives.

Actually, there is one very minor similarity in the games and that is that both games are governed by simultaneous action selections where each action has a different initiative value. In Runewars, there are 8 cards (9 with the expansion) that give your orders for the season, with each order having a different initiative, 0-9. In Runewars Miniatures Game, each unit has its own command tool, which is similar to a maneuver dial in X-Wing. You choose an action to perform (shift, march, melee attack, ranged attack, etc.) and a modifier that changes how that action takes place or grants a bonus action. You set these for each of your units. Unlike the order cards in Runewars, where each faction's set of order cards are the same, each unit's actions may have different initiatives in Runewars Miniatures Game. For example, Oathsworn Cavalry (knights on horses) can attack at initiative 3 or 7, but Reanimates can only attack on 4. So you have to predict your opponent's moves as you plan your own commands.

For the price, you get more game out of your box of Runewars than you do out of a core set Runewars Miniatures Game, but Runewars Miniatures Game is also near-infinitely expandable, which has its own benefits as you explore putting new units together in different combinations to build your army for each battle. People will also tell you that you get to enjoy the hobby aspect of Runewars Miniatures Game, but I think that argument is a wash because I've seen tons of people on BoardGameGeek.com add all sorts of crazy upgrades to their Runewars game, from painting the figures, to creating 3D strongholds, and more! Both games have hobby potential.

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As a side note I would love love love to see a new edition of the runewars board game that was designed to integrate with the runewars board game. Would be so awesome.  Almost like Warhammer fantasy and mighty empires back in the day

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