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"Make 10 men feel like 100!"

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Rebel Army


Sets: From Awakenings to Spirit of Rebellion

Secret Facility, Scarif (Spirit of Rebellion #159)

2x Rebel Trooper (Awakenings #30)
1x Baze Malbus, Crack Shot (Spirit of Rebellion #26)

1x Survival Gear (Awakenings #34)
1x DH-17 Blaster Pistol (Awakenings #54)
1x IQA-11 Blaster Rifle (Awakenings #55)
1x Comlink (Awakenings #61)
2x Holdout Blaster (Awakenings #63)
1x A180 Blaster (Spirit of Rebellion #32)
2x Overkill (Spirit of Rebellion #33)
2x Training (Spirit of Rebellion #125)
2x Wingman (Spirit of Rebellion #126)

2x Supporting Fire (Awakenings #144)
2x Supply Line (Spirit of Rebellion #51)

Power up the lowly rebel troopers with pistols and training, equip wingman to baze, and then enjoy 4 full turns of full activation with Hit and Run and Squad Tactics.

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