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Hi guys can you please give me a hand with a character concept that I have? 

Note: Will start at Jedi Knight level.

The character will be a near-human using human stats (Epicanthix). He will be either a redeemed inquisitor trainee or Squire of Ren brought to the Spintir temple to be reformed.

I see him starting as an Executioner and then move him to Ataru Striker. I thought that both specs can tie nicely (not planning to take any ranged talents). 

I'm thinking of buying only a handful of Executioner talents and first I want to check with you if they are useful ones. So far I'm interested in the following ones:

Grit, Quick Strike, Toughened, Quick Draw, Mind over Matter, Lethal Blows x2

Do you think they will pair well with the Ataru Striker spec tree?

What force powers will you recommend me? I thought about: Ebb/ Flow, Enhance, Move, Sense

Thought about starting with the following characteristics: 

B 2, A 4, I 2, C 2, W 3, P 2

What do you think?


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Executioner and Ataru Striker are fantastic together. Marked for Death, for example, pairs excellently with Saber Swarm. Better so than Hawk Bat Swoop, in my opinion (although you can use both HBS and MfD if you have a FR or 2 or higher). And plus that, you only have to pay for Quick Draw once, and there's Quick Strike in both trees, so you've got plenty of synergy there as well. Executioner steps up the "deadly" for your average Ataru Striker, and the only slightly non-synergistic talents are the two Willpower-themed ones and the Hunter's Quarry/Improved series. Also, Essential Kill doesn't jive so well with Hawk Bat Swoop, so you'd just pick one to do, but they can both be situationally useful. 

 Ebb/Flow is great, but just remember your Force Dice might already be spoken for on a lot of your combat checks with Hawk Bat Swoop. If you don't use HBS, though, Flow can be a great way to recover strain from Parry/Reflect & Saber Swarm. And Mind Over Matter is good for if you're going to be using Ebb a lot (although, you might want to evaluate how often you plan to be engaged with lots of characters). 

As for the other powers, they are great for utility. Just keep in mind that they are only as useful as your Force Rating. So if you've got a low FR of 1, your best bet with Force powers is going to be effects that allow you to commit a single Force die to an effect, like +1 Agility from Enhance or the Sense's defensive upgrade. Attacking with Move is inadvisable (even Hawk Bat Swoop is going to be difficult to pull off, unless you're okay accruing a fair amount of Conflict). 

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