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Vassal X-Wing module 7.1.0 is now available with complete wave 11

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X-Wing Module v7.1.0 is now out, with wave 11 fully added, including the now playable TIE Aggressor.
Updating is mandatory for anti-cheat purposes. Check your opponent's version with a right click on his name.

Patch notes: https://teamcovenant.com/star-wars-x-wing/x-wing-module-7-1-0-available-tie-aggressor-wave-xi-complete

Here's a direct link (bypasses Vassal's lengthy moderation approval wait period) to the module:



New cards:

  • Lok Revenant (Scurrg pilot)
  • Wookiee Liberator (Auzituck pilot)
  • Cruise Missiles (missile)
  • R4-E1 (salvaged astro)

New graphics:

  • Bomblet token
  • TIE Aggressor dial, open ordered dial, ordered maneuver strip
  • TIE Aggressor maneuver reference card
  • Gray background color in player windows to better help with the contrast for the text labels for target locks

Bugs dealt with:

  • Black Eight Sq Pilot now spawns with stats under autospawn
  • Scurrg can now perform Tallon Rolls

Anti-cheating features:

  • Dials can no longer be copied, nor deleted
  • Several undisclosed anti-cheat features added


  • Stress tokens will accompany every ship (that can perform the focus action)

Bugs/omissions that are identified and will be dealt with:

  • Hard Turn 1 bombing capability not included yet

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8 hours ago, SylinRhyas said:

Awesome job!  Quick question, how come we can't hit c for Tallon rolls?  I guess I'm just trying to be lazy, you've been spoiling us with all the updates to the program.

For several non-intuitive reasons, chained together.

1) I wanted to make sure autobumping worked with the rest of the features already present in the module, as in, you perform a move, you see it bumps, you press c, it pops the template guide behind the ship, THEN, moves it to a non-overlapping position, giving you the ultimate choice whether you like the algorithm's decision or not. Everything worked fine then.

2) I wanted the algorithm to DETECT that a bumping had occured, make a visual flash (for the player manipulating the ship) and to say so in the chatlog, way before you decided to press c, but right after you performed a move with the ship. This required to completely change the way ships moved - it was no longer defined in the stock vassal editor, but through pure Java code. Only by doing it this way, could I control what happened during a move, after a move and write out status reports during both times. Before this way implemented, I could only work right after the pressing of 'c'.

3) I want to also place templates by code, rather than the "place marker" feature found in the vassal editor. It has to properly take into account the position and orientation of the ship, the relative angle that your template must have, and its offset to the ship. It's 3 linear transformations properly done in order. For some difficult technical reasons, it hasn't worked yet. I also have to code all of this with the intention of making it elegant, not require too many parameters, easily modifiable, easily extensible. Already, my intuition is proving right: hard turn 1 bomb drops have appeared since I started on that goal. If I solve this issue, I'll be able to give smart features for placed template. Let's say you do a tight barrel roll near an obstacle, and you're unsure if it overlaps a nearby asteroid? You'll eventually be able to press 'c' on the BR template and let the module tell you if it overlaps the rock or not.

4) Tallon rolls are part of the funkier place marker problems. For the time being, just perform a regular hard turn, press 'c' to get your visual template guide, then rotate the ship using left/right arrow keys

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