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2515 Outer-Rim Prisoner Transport

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2 hours ago, JediRush24 said:

Looks like some 'good ol' boys' driving around in the back country to collect their bounty, on the verge of being against the law ... 

Very nice looking lambda ...

Great stuff 


58 minutes ago, A Curious Punnisher Player said:

I love all of the character you put into a simple Lambda-Aces list. I like the aesthetic and I think you should do some sort of story blog about Shuttle 2515 and her escort.


5 minutes ago, heychadwick said:

Durn.....that's awesome.   Amazing paint job and great back story!   Even my son was walking past and said, "Wooaah......"

Thanks guys; I just had the blather, @Vykes has the artistic touch that really tells the story. I could wax on and on about the guys flying what most dare not try, the 2515 squad.

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Very Impressive !

Superb execution in what you have done in aspects of weathering down the model.

Sometimes on Imperial models it can look to much considering there strict doctrine.

But with a little back story and a reason for such a beaten weathered look, it adds to the overall effect.

And the excellent job you have done.

Well Done :D

All the best,


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