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Is this game overpriced?

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So I'm just looking for some input.

I own descent and play it... and this game is kinda pricy with expansions etc. But I've enjoyed it.

So my dilemma is this, I own rune wars miniatures game and this is my intro to this style of game with units moving on a 3 x 3 foot field etc.

I'm fine with it... however I can't understand now going anywhere with it. Maybe this just isn't the game for me at all.

Some expansions are 25 bucks for 4 miniatures? that just get added into already existing spots. They aren't new, you take out a spearman and replace him.

The golems for instance are 35 bucks for 2 miniatures. So I got one in base game.... ok. 

The expansions for the other races are 60 respectively. But the base game was 100. So it costs 10 extra to play a different race? 

I admit to some extent maybe all ffg games come at a cost for profit. Understandable... but this game - I don't know if I see the value in continuing?

Can anyone shed letter on the value you get for getting anything other than base game? and perhaps he core expansions of other races.


Everything I've seen so far that is 25-35 I'm just rolling my eyes at.

The one crossbow daqan expansion is like.. ok 25 for 8 miniatures. But I dunno.



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You need to check out the Miniatures Game area of this website instead of the Boardgame area. You want to post this at the link below.


This forum is for an amazing boardgame of empire-building, conquest, and questing. It is also very cheap for the amount of time and fun you can spend playing it. It's $80 for the base game. I highly recommend you buy it!

Now, you're talking about Runewars Miniatures Game, instead of Runewars. Is Runewars Miniatures Game overpriced? Depends on who you talk to and what they value. If you're comparing quality miniatures, then yes, RMG is slightly overpriced -- the model quality is just not good enough to command the price they are asking. However, RMG has a very solid set of game mechanics under the hood, so if you're looking for a miniatures game, it's a very good choice. For my part, I support RMG because I do like the mechanics. I'll never be able to afford all the boxes, but the intent was not for everyone to buy everything. FFG seems to expect you to buy into one faction and focus on that. Some people will tell you it's much cheaper than alternative miniatures games on the market. I don't know. This is my second miniatures game (with X-Wing as my first). Speaking of X-Wing, I like the system for Runewars Miniatures Game so much better. It's a definite improvement on FFG's flight-path system.

But again, try posting this in the other forum and you'll get way more opinions than just mine.

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