So begins the lightsaber combat challenge between myself and @awayputurwpn...dice rolls may be found here: Hasal Nisseen gapes at the Adegan crystal--the largest he's ever seen.  The Force has blessed me, he muses.  I must be the first Jedi in generations to behold this artifact of the Light Side. A presence intrudes on his musings.  A dark presence.  The first Jedi, he thinks, but perhaps not the first wielder of the Force... My Destiny roll was one Dark Side, so combined with APW's roll of 2 light, we'll begin with 1 Dark and 2 Light Destiny.   After posting this, I will make a roll to determine whether Vigilance or Cool will be used for initiative.  I'll roll a d%; 1-50=Vigilance, 51-100=Cool.  Since neither character really has ranged combat abilities, our starting positions will be mostly a matter of flavor, so I invite APW to choose wherever he'd like his character to begin.