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Fate Points - by MorbidDon

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Hail and or Howdy All,

The following PDF are my House Rules for handling FPs in DH2 - with the aim of creating / maintaining more momentum of game play. ATM by raw vanilla FPs are only recouped at the beginning of a Game Session / which after 2 to 3 years of playing (err Game Testing) I found to be too paltry and resulted in slower play in comparison to other game systems... Granted I didn't invent this out of no where and would give praise to the Champions / Mutants & Masterminds for the foundation basis of the House Rules presented herein!

PDF Fate Points House Rules by MorbidDon

Enjoy All


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I love the work you put into this first and foremost. The layout looks fantastic. Granted, it is just a simple Word document, but you put time into it. That is rad.

OK, to the meat and bones - found a typo in the very first note: "If you spend a point to use improve a Test..."

I am curious about boosting the RAW +10 to a test to +30 but not increasing the DoS option as well. Any particular reason why?

I love the auto-10 on initiative option. Also "Second Wind" is genius. It really gives players an incentive to use their FPs which then builds more pressure the rest of the game when they are getting low. Fantastic.

I don't understand the Role Bonus/Talent use of fate points. Does this mean a PC can use a FP to use a talent that they don't already possess

OK, that is the first page done. I will await responses before jumping into anymore. Cheers!

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