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Positivity Thread

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All these depressing posts about being sick of the game and nerf threads and complaints. Time for some cheering up.

No long posts here. Lets do a twitter like feed. Give some positives you love about the game and cheer us all up!

I love when time is called in a game and you need 1 or 2 damage on a ship to win. You roll your three red dice and get 3 hits. Then your opponent grabs his 2 or 3 green dice and rolls...


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1 hour ago, Superstrength79 said:

When you get 2 hits and a crit on a Protectorate, and you really need that crit to be a direct damage.... and it is :D

I will say it was very hard to keep a straight face when my opponent zoomed a mindlinked Fenn Rau into range one of Backdraft's rear arc, put 4/6 hits on him, then I turned around and got two hits with a crit through horrible defense dice, and a Major Explosion trigger for the one-shot kill.

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Getting virtually any ship basically glued to the Opponent's back by arc dodging. Hell, any time arc dodging works, no matter if for or against you. The dogfighting feeling is just amazing.

Playing two fluff lists against each other (Death Star Trenchers ho!). Emptying the entire bag of stress tokens on Tycho Celchu. Building a list with a TiE Advanced, a Bomber, and a punisher, just because the models stack up to form a cute imperial pyramid and making it work. 

Et cetera et cetera :D

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