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Daqan Lords Emblem

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So, I consider my self an O.k painter and I've tinkered with the hobby long enough to know my limitations, and one of them is free hand.

Yes, no point in denying it, my freehand is not up to scratch, I've had good attempts that pass muster on some minis, but I've never ben quite please with it...

Now enter the Daqan Lords army and its fancy shields...so much area just there. Those shields are crying out for a crest i cant make on my own skill. So i'm considering bringing in some technology into play, i'd like to have a set of decals made so that i can apply them to the shields and Banners and have my army look good, without suffering through the pain of free-styling that many units (and have them looking sub-par in the end).


I've a number of solutions posed and ready to go, my question right now surrounds design. Is there a good image of the  logo we can see in the art and boxes? i can only find this one, but not the elongated version we see in the concept art 


Image result for daqan lords Image result for daqan lords


what are you guys trying out? I've seen a number of applications of different game decals, which i think is perfectly fine, but any ideas or images you'd like to see on your models?


i'm thinking of engaging a designer and a decal printing company to do this, pm me if you are interested as well.






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