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Better podcasts wanted

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If anyone has any suggestions for newer podcasts about the game that have interesting and helpful content, I'm on the lookout to replace a few I don't care to listen to anymore.

 I know " interesting and helpful" is a pretty subjective descriptor so I'll try to clarify.

Really what I'm after is a show that features intelligent discussion about the game. With maybe a focus, or at least a segment included that has to do with being better players,or how to improve.

  Advice for newer players.theory behind various playstyles.That sort of thing.shows I can recommend to people starting out.

  I've avoided naming names in the past in some threads that had to do with podcasts but this time I guess I don't care anymore so I'll just do it.

Im looking for shows other than the following because I already listen to them and like what they do...

Kessel run

Mynock squadron

Gold squadron

Shuttle tydirium

What I'm not looking for , because I don't like the shows for my own reasons are...

Nova squadron

Scum and villainy

Krayt squadron.


So ,yeah...if anyone can recommend something other than those seven that would be great.

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186th Squadron?  They cover some of the same stuff, not quite what you may be looking for BUT they have a completely different outlook on things.  They do have hosts and guests that do a fantastic job of explaining what they were thinking when they did certain actions and their strategies.

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2 hours ago, Marinealver said:

What happened to Nova Squadron?

I heard on the Kessel Run that they weren't making any more shows for the foreseeable future, I was wondering if that was a joke but they have been inactive for quite some time?

Seconded, what is the reason ?

One minute a worlds prep show with no worries at all and then nothing ...

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My only problem with podcasts now is that more and more are sounding like friends drinking and talking.    Why that is fun when your with your friends, when your not there it is not fun and really quite boring.   Imagine going to bar by yourself and listening to others conversations, while not engaging in them. 

Also I have kids and we listen to some of the podcasts when driving.  I know some foul language happens, but some of those in the casting business use it all the time, and really foul language for no reason just makes you sound very unintelligent.       Most these types of casts just love to hear themselves talk.      You can usually tell because if they host games they have a camera on the game and one of themselves too.   Not the dice box, but themselves, because they like to see themselves.    I have stopped listening to many of them also because some of them are just a waste of time, and really don't even cover content of the game.    Which is why I started listening to them in the first place.     


As for Patreon,  I used to help alot, but now most of them want per show payments.   While previously they might have done one or two shows a month.   Now they are add all sorts of other nonsense, like fan discussion or their thoughts and sometimes totally useless stuff so they can get paid more.         

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I'll second the Birmingham Barons suggestion. Several of their episodes so far have dealt with helping new players get a better grasp of set up strategies. They do timed discussions to keep things moving, though they usually go a little past the timer to finish up the discussion/thought.

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