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1 hour ago, Glucose98 said:

Most of my white is from the original priming.   Also yes, I regret picking white, it ends up showing brush strokes, looking chalky, and in general doesn't have a lot of differentiation.  But I always liked making 'white armies' in the warhammer 40k video games and what not.  I just like the look.


It doesn't have to, thin it properly, don't use garbage like ceramite/foundation white, and thin your paints properly.  Expect several coats to get nice clean white.

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On 6/29/2017 at 0:25 PM, Vineheart01 said:


Normally i paint the metal tip of their boots, but i figured white boots would be odd so i left it black like all the leather is. Even as is, i wasnt 100% pleased with the chest but space kinda prevented clean, smooth strokes there.
Obviously not based yet. That process is just a long time of waiting so i just do it whenever i got a dozen or so models that need bases.
This also shows why i dont have many pictures of my stuff yet. Lighting in my apartment is an issue....

Thanks for this -- I was debating going gold trim for the hero characters and this is a great example of what it would look like.  I think I may go this route too!

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