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Battle Report: Screed Avenger vs. Ackbar Home One

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So my friend and I had a practice game for an upcoming store tourney. A few weeks ago I tried out an ISD-II Avenger with SW7s and it worked pretty well. I wanted to build and enhance around that ship, and saw a few builds listed here from people like Darth Sanguis and Broba.

My List looked like this:

  •  ISD-II with Screed, Avenger, GT, SW7s, Needa, TRC, and ECM.
  •  Raider-II with Tua, ECM, and OP.
  • Gonzati with Comms Net 
  • Kittens Light Cruiser running nude
  • 1 Bossk
  • 1 TIE/d
  • 1 TIE/a
  • 3 TIE/f

My friend ran:

  • MC80HO with Ackbar, Leading Shots, Advanced Projectors, Home One
  • AFK MII B with Navigation Officer, Enhanced Armament, and Advanced Projectors
  • CR90A with Jaina's Light and TRC
  • CR90B with SW7s
  • 1 Tycho
  • 3 A-Wings

He had Advanced Gunnery, Dangerous Territory, and Fleet Ambush. I took Opening Salvo, Contested Outpost and Superior Positions. 

I had a bid of 2 or 3 and chose to go second. He picked Opening Salvo. We deployed our smaller ships ***-for tat and I was able to use my additional squads to get him to put down his AF Mk 2  at speed 3 and Home One at speed 2.I positioned the ISD to intercept the frigate and also set Avenger to speed 3. 

I don't have a picture of deployment or the first round, but my plan was to have the Raider's blue crit force my friends defensive exhausts and then shoot with the ISD. During the squadron phase he ran his A-Wings/Tycho up around speed 4, right in the middle of the obstacles. I was able to squeeze a bunch of my squads up to engage those A-Wings. 

Here's a photo from the middle of Round 2 - he activated his frigate which was a squad command...he activated three A-Wings and took out my TIE Advanced and one TIE/f he took a side-arc opening salvo Ackbar shot of 8 red dice at my ISD. Normally I would've just let it go and braced/redirect but I never really use ECM and wanted to test it. I used my ECM and activated Evade,  braced, and redirected reducing the total damage to 2 spread  out between the front and to the side hull...I figured I wouldn't need the Evade for the TRC activation this round because my ISD will have Opening Salvo, and I was planning on adding two blue dice. 

My friend's AFK Mk II B  went speed three and put his nose into the front of the ISD-II. Then he remembered he wanted to use his Nav Officer change his top command instead of the squad dial. He wanted to take the whole activation back but after so many resolved actions I felt it would be doing too much. 



I activated the Raider and successfully Over Load Pulse(d?) his frigate - I didn't want to crash into him, so I used my Nav Dial to turn up to speed 3 and jet past. He declined to shoot from Home One's front arc, because he wanted to save opening salvo for his side arc against the ISD. After he moved Home One up I activated on Avenger, I didn't think I would miss not activating the TRCs, but 9 unmitigated damage still left him with 1 health. So, I rammed it knowing my ISD had a repair coming up in round 3 to take away the damage card and prevent 60 points from the objective. The Gonzati's pushed squads and I took out some A-Wings. 


My buddy wanted to call it, but I convinced him you never know what could happen, and if I take out the Home One we can call it. I couldn't get the Overload Pulse off from the Raider and he limped away with 2 health left. 


The Home One died to my ISDs frontal attacks, was able to place 4 damage and 4 damage over the next two rounds, but not before it took out my Gonzatis. There was one A-Wing with one health left and only my TIE/d and Bossk, who were both pretty healthy. The Vetts and Kittens traded some shots but nothing of consequence happened. We called it and started cleaning up, but the end game looked like this:



My takeaway is: I should think about getting a second Raider and also add Overload Pulse to it, replacing the Kittens. Some uppity MC-80 could use Contain or if my one Raider gets destroyed...it's sadness town. I could find the extra points by downgrading the TIE/d or Bossk. 

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typos, fixed names etc.

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