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IG Bossk, extra points?

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So I'm going to try out Jabba on the following list, but I have 2 extra points. This probably isn't the best use of Jabba (5 points and 2 crew to use stim twice), but it should be interesting. 

YV-666: •Bossk (48)
        Veteran Instincts (1)
        "Mangler" Cannon (4)
        •IG-88D (1)
        •Jabba the Hutt (5)
        Glitterstim (2)

Aggressor: •IG-88B (50)
        Autothrusters (2)
        IG-2000 (0)
        Veteran Instincts (1)
        Fire-Control System (2)
        Heavy Laser Cannon (7)
        Glitterstim (2)

Total:  98/100

So my options:

1.  Initiative 

2.  Ion or Seismic on IG

3.  ARC caster or Flechette to cover the Range one miss

4. Ion Projector or APL on Bossk, not a huge fan as he moves late. 

5. Change Glitterstim to Inertial Dampeners, then have 3 points to play. 

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13 minutes ago, Darth Vicious said:

Waives hand ... "This is not the Bossk/IG-88 build you are looking for..."

I know Gunner goes best with this build, but I want to try something different. 

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